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I found this course to be such a joyful and deeply peaceful experience. My body is happy with me now and Master Mingtong Gu shares "Haola" and presence that reaches through cyberspace right into my heart. It was truly the best online experience I have ever had.

Reverend Pomaika’i
, Holualoa, Hawaii 


I have been studying and practicing Zhineng Qi Gong for about eight years with a Master in my home city and it has been wonderful, Since I travel very much, I decided this winter to study online with Master Mingtong Gu. Master Gu has really motivated me to practice every day. I profoundly appreciate how he is creating an understanding of the multi-dimensionality of this healing art. Thank you for your great wisdom. Since I am a Music Composer, I am very excited about the new course on sound that I am taking.

~ Robert Coxon

I have been practising other forms of Qigong for 15 years. Mingtong's teachings have opened up a new dimension to Qigong which I have been yearning for. I feel I am at the beginning of an ever-deepening way of practising Qigong and engaging with life and existence. I resonate with Mingtong's lightness of being, heartful approach and all-inclusiveness. The course is very well organised and provides a steady support for one's practice.

~ Mandana Juon

Everybody should learn Healing Qigong! The world would be such a happy, healthy and peaceful place to live in. Do not think it twice: just take any course Master Mingtong offers, you will not regret!!

~ Virginia Bianco, Argentina

I am looking forward to the day when I can come out to California and join you in one of our healing retreats. Until then please continue offerings online. I have been waiting over 20 years to find this level of teaching and I am appreciative beyond measure.  

~ Dianne H, CA

The beginner course was fabulous! My chronic fatigue and migraines that I use to have regularly have all improved. The constant practice brought me a deeper peace of mind and spiritual joy. I am very thankful to Master Mingtong Gu who teaches with such an enthusiasm, and to all the Chi Center team!”

~  Angelique Alves, Rolla, MO

Master Mingtong and The Chi Center staff provide the best possible example of Qigong teaching, training, and experience. If you are looking for a program to teach the basics, or if you have years under your belt, Master Gu is a font of knowledge.

~ Aimye Bonjour,
Fenton, MO

Qigong helped my back and my joy and now my sister in Virginia can take the class -- with me, but I’ll be in California!

~ Sharon K, CA

Awesome. Felt a very strong chi field - a testimony to Mingtong's high chi energy and, of course, the whole group energy. The chi force was with us! Thank you!!

~ Lyn C., Therapist, CO

I had a hard time thinking that online qigong classes could be effective but you have proven to me that this can absolutely be accomplished with grace and beauty. I enjoyed this immensely. Master Mingtong's beautiful explanations reminded me of the simplicity and the magic within that simplicity. I needed to be told this or reminded of this by someone who seems to be profoundly humble and rich in wisdom. His gentle and honest nature, and his lovely laughter and smile, and calling a spade a spade, was perfect. I was able to relax and listen and trust. And that is really it...Master Mingtong is so very trustworthy.

~ Dawn Edelman, Dallas, TX


I am grateful to have discovered the teachings of qigong through Mingtong , after only 3 months I have felt greater alignment and noticed the removal of old blockages. It is a really powerful and profound practice , simple but challenging and powerful.

~ Chantal Dray, Australia

I had been feeling hopeless like my life was basically over and lacked the energy required to live my life in any fulfilling way — until I started Qigong with Master Mingtong Gu.... Significant health and energy changes began miraculously unfolding within about 7 weeks of starting the online course. I can barely believe that I now have the energy to once again create a meaningful life for myself... I am FINALLY on my way and so grateful to Master Mingtong Gu and Qigong for jumpstarting my life.

~ Char Fassa, Santa Fe NM

I love and appreciate the wisdom that Mingtong imparts. I am very appreciative of his deep compassion and for gently showing how we can make positive change in the world. As I learn the practices and learn to deeply connect myself to the ocean of source energy, I watch my symptoms dissipate, my energy increase, and my commitment and ability to serve humanity increase. I bow with deep gratitude!

~ Valerie Ramirez, San Leandro, CA

Mingtong Gu and Qigong Wisdom Healing online courses are profound. They are tying together what I knew about Taoism, Buddhism, Tai Chi and acupuncture into a life altering experience. Offering mind, body and emotional/spiritual healing and providing the skills to heal yourself and to heal others is priceless.

~ Michael Kavanaugh, Wisconsin

"[Qigong] has opened up a whole new world of "me," a core strength both physically and spiritually that was left untouched for years, I can feel the energy starting to flow to parts of me that I usually avoided moving, such as my shoulders. I am more flexible and I have more of a willingness to try new things in life. It’s becoming a transformation on every level of my being and in all areas of my life and I am excited about what more is to come."

~ Shaktima Kotulla, Australia

The learning center is very professional and intuitive. The accessibility of teachings 24 hours a day is invaluable and the depth of information and power of Mingtongs teachings are impressive. I look forward to diving deeper into Qigong everyday and feel blessed to have found the Chi Center and Mingtong. Haola!!

~ Blair Bourland, Guerneville, CA

Master Gu's approach is so positive, insightful and encouraging. He gives you just enough information to absorb and put into practice so you are not overwhelmed, and is happy to explain the reasons behind the movements. The course is set up in a very effective manner, each stage building nicely on the previous.

~ Marni Morris, Toronto

My experience with my courses online with the Chi Center has been really amazing! I thought it would be very difficult to learn online something such as Qigong, that requires a lot of presence and deep commitment, but the format and the way the teachings are presented, the written materials, the audios and videos are very helpful to keep learning and practicing. It is a great experience that I deeply recommend!!

~ Monica Duarte, Bogata, Columbia

The practice portal is brilliant!!! I love it!!! Thanks so much for creating all of this! It is wonderful to recommend qigong to patients and have access to these classes, the high quality of these teachings and the effectiveness of this practice. Thank you all very much!!!!

~ Beth B, Colorado

Just keep practicing. I love that the learning is endless. Always something to learn. This program offers me such opportunity that otherwise I would miss in the busy-ness of life.

~ Ann C, Colorado

The videos are excellent for my particular needs, because I have scoliosis and the practice really helps. Mingtong's use of the English language is excellent when describing both movement and theory of Wisdom Healing Qigong. His sincerity and wisdom/knowledge shine through and add much to the student's experience! Much gratitude!!!

~ Rijuta T

Wisdom Healing Qigong is such a profound and loving way to help me feel better, and it also helps me live to my highest potential - I am so glad that I found your teachings online, since I live in UK! It is one of my intentions to come to one of your retreats in the US in the future.

~ Cecilia, UK

Thank you for this beautiful energy school.  I am finding your/this teaching to be life-changing; thank you for being so objective in your explanations of metaphysical energy.  I feel very honored to be learning this ancient practice and look very much forward to spending my spare time learning with you.

~ Maria N.

I live in Auckland NZ and have been doing Wisdom Healing Qigong online programs for more than a year now. Honestly I have found that the time zone difference has rarely been an issue. The fact that the classes, practice sessions and all the resources the Chi Center provides are at the touch of a button is brilliant for a busy person like me. I simply set my own schedule and call up the practice page when it suits me and the information is instantly there.

So from a practical stand point, it is super good. And from an energetic stand point, the Chi Field connection – once you develop the sensitivity – is simply blissful, timeless and borderless. The team at The Chi Center have been nothing but supportive and nurturing and the tech support for those of us who aren't computer geeks is fantastic.

I am also a fulltime caregiver to my elderly mum, and so the practice and teachings have been an important lifeline and tool for me to live and even flourish in very challenging circumstances. They are a blessing, and I'd encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn with Mingtong who is such a beautiful, giving and skilled master of Qigong. This practice can literally change lives for the better; dive in and see where it leads you.

~ Shaarina, NZ

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