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Name Gabriel Hoffman
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Business Address NY 10010
United States
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Other Information Certified Level One Instructor
Biography Gabriel Hoffman is a certified Wisdom Healing Qiong teacher in the lineage of Dr. Pang and trained by Master Mingtong Gu. He has spent months practicing with Mingtong at his healing intensive retreats at the ChiCenter in New Mexico.

Gabriel Hoffman has been passionately involved in health and wellness counseling since his inspiring recovery from cancer in 2000. His extensive research and education in nutrition and lifestyle management has contributed to his development of an innovative approach to healthcare.

Gabe Hoffman co-founded the Evolution of Medicine in 2014. After 10 years as a holistic nutritionist and director of a premiere holistic cleansing center in New York City he shifted his focus to the overall healthcare system. His company unites and educates communities of doctors and health practitioners to effectively build practices that minimize the use of pharmaceutical drugs and focus on community and patient education. Inspired by the medicineless hospital in China and Mingtong Gu's Chicenter he is working to integrate chi gong as a foundational part of modern medicine.

He has a free weekly Qigong online practice via zoom. They meet every Wednesday at 12:30pm New York time.