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Name Sherry Remez
Business Title
Business Title Healing With Qi
Business Name
Business Name Sherry Remez
Business Email
Business Email
Business Phone
Business Phone (808) 298-7878
Business Address
Business Address Sacramento, CA
United States
Other Information
Other Information Certified Level One Instructor
Biography Sherry Remez
Certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor-Level One, Energy Healer, Internationally Published Feature & Inspirational Writer, Artist and Entrepreneur.

26 years ago I spontaneously began to sense pain in others' bodies, feeling their energy field through my hands. This amazing event opened the doors to a deep exploration of ways to relieve peoples’ suffering, and I began doing energy healing work, combining ancient practices with modern scientific methodology. I was led to traditional healers, scientists and teachers, then to spiritual masters and perennial wisdom teachings. I immersed myself in study, practices and service.

After discovering Wisdom HealingTM QiGong ("chee-gung") as taught by Master Mingtong Gu, and quickly deriving great benefit from its powerful self-healing technology--including more emotional stability, deeper centering and greater mental clarity—I was inspired to impart this medically proven, integrated system of healing practices with all. WHQ is a perfect vehicle to relax the body, open the mind, amplify, exchange and unify our human energy with the Universal life force, so to be strong, balanced, grounded and joyful within ourselves.

Sharing from the perspective of seven decades of worldly experience, I am delighted to be introducing Wisdom Healing TM QiGong in Hawaii through public and private classes and workshops. I especially enjoy transmitting the healing power of the slow, gentle movement meditation: Lift Chi Up/Pour Chi Down early mornings on the beach. My small book:“Healing With Chi:The Technology of Our ‘Miracle’ Consciousness” explains the basics.

Be Well & Enjoy Life to the Fullest!