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Name Susan Justice
Business Name
Business Name Susan Sundari Justice
Business Email
Business Email
Business Phone
Business Phone (415) 785-8673
Business Address
Business Address San Anselmo, CA
United States
Other Information
Other Information Certified Level One Instructor
Biography Name: Susan Sundari Justice

Email: soulcenterliving@gmail.com

Phone: 415-785-8673

Five years ago, I developed a debilitating chronic pain condition that lead me to chi gong. I could barely move my body. I couldn’t do yoga. Chi gong was the only thing I could do. It was discovered that it was lung cancer that was causing the pain. Upon learning this I went on a 20 day Wisdom Healing Qigong - Healing Intensive Retreat lead by Master Mingtong Gu. The retreat was intense. We practiced for 12 hours a day; just like they did in the medicine-less hospital in China. I experienced deep profound healing, both emotionally and physically. By integrating the best of both the medical world and Chi gong, through my dedicated practice; and with the love and support of community, I am enjoying perfect health .
I feel deep gratitude for this practice and for my own healing. I am inspired and guided to share it with others. I am a certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor, trained by Master Mingtong Gu, an internationally recognized teacher and healer who was trained in the lineage of Dr. Pang Ming, founder of the largest medicine-less hospital in China.