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Name Coleene Frances
Business Address
Business Address Centennial, CO
United States
Other Information
Other Information Certified Level One Instructor
Biography I began my healing journey with Wisdom Healing Qigong in 2006 with Master Mingtong Gu. I had just been diagnosed with multiple tumors, adrenal failure, hormonal imbalance, depression, sudden onset macular degeneration in my left eye and my hair was falling out. I was under considerable stress and my weight had skyrocketed to 315lbs!

When I began my daily practice, I could barely stand. My toes would curl up, as I was experiencing so much pain in my feet and legs. Mingtong explained my earth gates were opening and encouraged me to continue. I had experienced significant childhood trauma and became aware that I had made an unconscious decision not to be in the body or on the planet. Wisdom Healing Qigong was a gentle way to heal past trauma; let go of the stories and victim mindset, and come home to my body. The sound healing practice aided me in bringing my emotional body into balance as well.

After one year of many classes and retreats practicing this ancient healing practice of self love; I released 100 lbs, all tumors were dissolved, hormones were balanced, adrenals functioning, depression gone. I regained most of my sight and my hair started growing again.

I joined Mingtong for an intensive month long retreat in China in 2009. The continuous gifts I received from my deepening practice, the many healings I observed from our group and the Chinese group we practiced with, inspired me to become a teacher.

Wisdom Healing Qigong enhances my life. I now regularly experience great joy, energy, and deep fulfillment in sharing it with others and witnessing the positive impact it has on their lives. It continues to guide me in my healing journey of embodiment and trusting the benevolence of the chi field and life.

It has been a wonderful addition to my private practice as a certified Life Coach and Spiritual, Intuitive Guide to both corporate and private clients. I love teaching
classes in Denver on a weekly basis and offering periodic workshops.

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