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The Qigong Community

There are a number of ways to engage the Chi Center Qigong Community:

Take classes with local instructors

There are a number of local instructors and practice leaders that provide classes and workshops in the Northern California, Southern California, and Colorado.  Find out more about local instructors.


Volunteering at events is a great way to meet other students, support Mingtong and the Chi Center, and support your healing by practicing and learning in the chi field. Find out more about volunteering and its benefits.

Attend retreats, workshops, and special events

One of the best ways to connect with the Qigong community is to attend our retreats, workshops and events.  Retreats in particular, are a unique opportunity to connect with other students, make new friends, and develop a network of qi buddies that can be supportive of your practice and the changes you are making to heal, grow, and awaken. See the calendar for listings.

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