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Fully embrace every moment with the practices of accepting and activating. Fully accept what is, all feelings and experiences accumulated from the past, being very present in your body. Activate what is becoming. Activate your desires creating and unfolding your future, from the inside out.

Exciting News of New Center

March 21, 2016 by Guma Judy Tretheway

PTP Meeting with Mingtong_March 19, 2016

Professional Program Meeting with Mingtong

March 19, 2016 Live Stream announcing new Center and Professional Retreat

Chi Field Setting by Hiromi. Hiromi's beautiful chi field setting was using the script that Mingtong is asking all of us to memorize and use. Haola thank you Hiromi for your example of how transmissive these words are.

Mingtong's announcement of New Center in Santa Fe. Debra Chamberlain -Tayor was moderating our meeting and supporting us all in our initial questions and enthusiasm. Debra is a certified Teacher and often Assists at Retreats one of our many amazing chi crew. (Debra introduction 12 minutes; New Center conversation begins at 14 minutes).

Download and open this file to see the photos discussed: Clear View Spa and future Chi Center Retreat Center

Chi flow around the World. (1:15 minutes) Mingtong linking his new journey with Dr. Pang's journey and sharing of inspriation from around the world. How the chi field is accelerating in many ways and in many medical settings.

Professional Training Retreat. (1:39 minutes) Brief overview of how we are planning the Professional Training component of the Month long Retreat October 6 - November 3. Limited spaces and more details to follow.


How to forgive your fathers

How Do We Forgive Our Fathers? by Dick Lourie*

How do we forgive our Fathers?
Maybe in a dream
Do we forgive our Fathers for leaving us too often or forever
when we were little?

Maybe for scaring us with unexpected rage
or making us nervous
because there never seemed to be any rage there at all.

Do we forgive our Fathers for marrying or not marrying our Mothers?
For Divorcing or not divorcing our Mothers?

And shall we forgive them for their excesses of warmth or coldness?
Shall we forgive them for pushing or leaning
for shutting doors
for speaking through walls
or never speaking
or never being silent?

Do we forgive our Fathers in our age or in theirs
or their deaths
saying it to them or not saying it?

If we forgive our Fathers what is left?

Qigong in the Ozarks - Holiday Greeting

December 9, 2013 Denise Minter

Dragon Arms. Enjoy this 2014 Holiday Video from Susan Drouilhet and her qigong class. Turn up the volume. 5+ minutes. Ho, Ho, Ho, and Haola, Haola, Haola. Click here to download video


First Thoughts

November 21, 2013 Guma (Judy Tretheway)

At the recent Advancing Workshop on cultivating our Wisdom Abilities (sometimes know as Para-normal capacities) I shared my practice I call First Thoughts. Primarily this is a practice for the transition zone between sleeping and being fully awake. It can also be applied anytime you catch yourself in a quality of mind or thoughts that you would like to upgrade.

What first thoughts I choose to activate has morphed over the years. I usually stick with one word, phrase, chant or practice for a year or more, until I feel it has made its way into my un-consciousness and stabilized, well beyond the time where any stickiness has dissolved. Generally, what I practice has a relationship with my waking Qigong practice and there is always a strong correlation with my desire to awaken my energy body’s fullest possible integration with my body and mind and reach into my fullest potential in this incarnation.

The practice uses my own mind to upgrade itself.

• I set an intention as to what I want my First Thoughts to be.

• As soon as I recognize that I am no longer sleeping and am thinking, I gently and purposefully substitute that First Thought for whatever has arisen. I put no energy into whatever I caught my self thinking; I just start in with my practice.

• I carry on until I fall back asleep (restarting when I wake again), or feel rich and full and stabilized in my First Thought, or until I really have to get up and go to the bathroom.

• When I have to wake to an alarm and get going quickly, I still practice for a few minutes, keeping my self awake adding some level of intensity.

• I activate the process when I wake up in the middle of the night or from a nap as well. You can activate any time you catch yourself worrying, fearful, angry or inside of any story that you wish to activate a different aspect of your mind consciously.

Starting the day from a sense of my energetic self or some aspect of my Qigong practice now feels foundational to me. Now the desire to change un-beneficial thought patterns that I find myself in during the day, arises relatively quickly. The impulse is arising from a deeper place than, “you shouldn’t be so resentful or worry or…” The resolving energy of openness seems to arise organically as I become aware that I am worrying.

Here are some examples of what I have practiced over the ten or so years I’ve been enjoying First Thoughts.

• I would lay my hand over any part of my body (usually my belly or heart) and begin to say “thank you” to that organ – all of me, grateful, for that part of me. Then move to another organ, and then another and then end up visualizing my hands over my whole body saying, “thank you”.

• After several years I shifted to practicing the Inner Smile to various parts of me.

• When I was learning 5 organ Sound Healing I sang (silently if my husband was still asleep) to my organs. And then for a while I focused on the positive emotional state of each organ.

• Chanting Haola, (all is well, so be it), repeatedly.

• Chanting HYLT Hun Yuan Ling Tong, repeatedly.

• Three Centers activation. For the past year I have been cultivating an awareness of my upper, middle and lower Dantians. If I want to go back to sleep I usually just stay in my lower Dantian. If I am waking up I start my upper Dantian or Shenji Palace, then go to the middle, lower and return to the upper. Originally I just did a mental Lachi (absorb and dissolve or open and close energetically). Now at the Shenji Palace I use the Brain Breathing practice. Sometimes I add the sounds to keep my mind focused and explore that activation and vibration.

Usually if I awaken in the middle of the night and am just rolling over and seeking to be asleep again quickly, I keep it very simple, either Haola, or an energetic Lachi pulse of opening and closing in my belly – I just want a rocking soothing sensation engaged.

I first learned this practice from Bo Lozoff, who taught thousands of prisoners spiritual practices during his teaching tours and his books such as We Are All Doing Time. He recommended just a very simple phrase or word that pointed to who you really were and what you wanted to activate fully in your life. I morphed it into a Qigong practice.

Illuminate - Brighid ~ Triple Goddess of poetry, smith craft and healing.

February 2, 2013 Sharon McCarthy

Brighid 2013
Dear Ones,
Seasonal tides are changing and we can feel the real promise of increasing light.

Like the earliest spring bulbs we find ourselves opening to new possibilities.

In Ireland this point between winter solstice and spring equinox belongs to

Brighid ~ Triple Goddess of poetry, smith craft and healing.

Fire transforms metal in the forge, just as poetry ignites the fire in our head and hearts.

Spiritual fire can liberate and activate the pure energy stored within us to heal our self and others.

This is a liminal time. We are invited to flow with nature’s current as She whispers us awake.

Between waking and dream we open to that vast realm of wisdom and insight.

Inspiration becomes as essential as our breath ~ fuel for the alchemy that real-izes our desires.

We kindle the flame in our head, our heart and in our belly, tending our inner fires as we prepare for Spring.

Blessed Be our Hearts, our hearths and our beloved Earth in this time of illumination.

Much Love



Qigong & Meditation - Ellie Coriell

February 2, 2013 Ellie Coriell

For years I have practiced a meditation of deep surrender to the wisdom of the heart as it moves through my entire body, awakening and teaching me about my heart’s deepest desires. It is through listening deeply within my body that I learn about what blocks me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is spontaneous expression and experience.

Qigong allows my mind to participate by guiding my active awareness to my spine, my organs, my cells and deep into my DNA. It invites my mind to play with concepts of form/formlessness, heaven/earth, as I actively move my body and allow the deep integration. I love initiating sounds and mantras that allow deep resonance in my organs and cells.

For me it has been learning to use two legs. I love the silence and letting go of my busy thoughts and sinking deeply in the experience of no words, trusting my heart/mind to guide me. I also love actively directing my body and thoughts with the Qigong practices. They work together flowing between formless (my meditation) and form (my Qigong). They have become seamless flowing within and through each other and all of my experiences and expressions of myself.

Ellie Coriell

Certified Teacher

Wisdom Healing Qigong


Spinal Fluidity, Meditation and Ego Release

February 2, 2013 Judy Guma Tretheway

Meditation begins for most of us with a desire to free ourselves of stress and tensions in our lives. For others it is also an earnest desire to encounter some aspect of ourselves or the energy around us that resonates in a greater harmony or holds forth a wider perspective. In either case we desire to slip away from that aspect of ourselves that dominates our lives (which many call “ego”) for a period of time.

I’d like to invite you to explore the relationship between your spine and your ego. In particular, the way in which we can detach from a self-centered perspective using fluid spinal movements.

Our spine holds us up. It shores up our sense of self. Its energy helps us “stand for something”. It gives our being “backbone.” Important contributions in our becoming who we are and will be; and, this being full of ourselves, is the opposite of the spaciousness of quiet emptiness that can fill us as a result of meditation. To ease ourselves from a strictly person centered focus and invite an open meditative perspective; the spine can serve as a bridge rather than an obstacle.

Shaking and undulations of the spine are instinctive animal behavior to shed stress. When we want to shift away from the ordinary stresses of our physical existence, we first allow that desire to take hold of our mind and activate our will. Then with either a prescribed pattern of spinal movements or spontaneous intuitive releasing movements we can open up the nervous system to our desire and release blockages and clinging stagnant energy. Caressing the spinal column with mindful movements invites the desired calm to pervade all the pathways coming and going from the spinal column, coming and going from all aspects of our physical nature.

Then whether we choose a sitting, standing or laying down form of meditation, the nervous system will find it easy and natural to transition from fluidity to stillness. The spinal/nervous system can be gently coached into stillness with progressively smoother and slower movements, or deep, gentle relaxing breath patterns. This invites the body into stillness, the same way traditional practice of progressive relaxation open up a path inward.

Think for a moment of rocking and patting a traumatized child. At first the baby is anxious, tense, restless, full of its story of the dramas of its life. You can see the holding of tension in it spine as it arches or cringes crying out for help and release. You can feel the tension as you pick up the child and begin to walk, pat and rock the baby offering an alternative, offering a fluid pattern of movement for the tensions to release through. With time and easy fluid movements, the release comes, and the nervous system releases its story and surrenders into your holding and flowing. The child no longer needs to define itself by its anxiety or pain; it finds rest in just being.

When a calm energy pervades the spine, it pervades the nervous system. When the body and the ego are comfortable and calm, it can open to and even invite a fresh potential or possibility. The openness to receive allows the meditative experience to unfold.

When we invite ourselves to meditate, we are asking that internal sentry that guards our life with fear and wariness, to take some time off. When we select a safe, quiet comfortable place; when we invite the tension and anxiety out of our spine with some fluid spinal exercises; then we have gently offered ourselves (our ego) a break. This need to hold ourselves together disappears, and we can find a vastly larger sense of self or sense of resources that is available to us in the stillness.

If the self centered aspect of ourselves decides that it is time to meditate and puts out a “plop yourself on the cushion and just do it” attitude; this is an attitude of domination and is disrespectful of the organic processes. Pressing through tension with force tends to create more of the same, or build up resistance and resentment.

Try this entry into your meditation practice: Notice your decision to practice. Smile at the opportunity to be something different for a period of time. Welcome your body into a practice of fluid movements to release any spinal tension. Play with movements that bring forth a calm and open feeling. Ease yourself into your chosen meditation posture, with a straight, yet relaxed spine. Rinse through your spine one last time with a wave of awareness from the head down into the earth releasing any residual blockages or sticky energy, tensions or stiffness. Detach your awareness from your spine and proceed into your chosen meditation technique.

 ------ The above essay was stimulated by reading Carol Anthony’s chapter “I-Ching Meditation” in A Guide to the I-Ching.

She suggested that before we begin to meditate we do “a few light exercises that loosen up the back. These help to counteract the effects of stress on the body. Stiffness is often the body’s way of expressing fear.” (p.303) She elaborates later drawing from Keeping Still ( I-Ching # 52) which “suggests a technique to defeat the ego in the image of bringing the nerves of the backbone to quiet. When these nerves slow to a standstill, the ego ‘disappears.’” (p306) … “and we attain a clarity of view that enables us to bring ourselves into harmony with the universe.” … Achieving quiet requires that we allow activity – the inner static of restlessness – to subside. Once this has occurred we become detached form all bodily concerns.” ( p 304) … “When these nerves slow to a standstill, the ego “disappears.” This ego is the self image – all the ideas we have adopted about ourselves which shore up our sense of well-being. (p.306)

Judy Guma Tretheway

Certified Teacher

Wisdom Healing Qigong



Qigong & Meditation - Rhandee Lipp

February 2, 2013 Rhandee Lipp

Prior to starting Wisdom Healing Qigong, I could not manage to meditate for more than a few minutes at a time. I had tried various techniques to no avail. I knew I needed it and I just couldn’t do it. In fact, I couldn’t even relax enough to take a bath! “Relaxing” in a bath seemed highly overrated. Why waste all that time in the bathtub when you can get just as clean in a shower and it is so much more efficient! I was so disconnected from my body, it took a major pain syndrome to wake me up.

The combinations of movements, sounds and mantras of WHQ, have enabled me to get out of my head and be fully present in my body. I now feel like I have an intimate relationship with all my organ systems, my brain, my bone marrow, my DNA, my entire body. I feel deep gratitude for the amazing work they do for me every day, 24-7.

I am still partial to moving meditation, AND I can now luxuriate in the bathtub. Granted, I typically do 5 Organ Sound Healing while I’m in there. I still don’t have a sitting meditation practice, but I know now I can do it. The only WHQ practice for which I have not yet done a gong is Standing Meditation. I would rather do 30 minutes of Chen Chi than 30 minutes of Standing Meditation. It feels slightly embarrassing to admit that Standing Meditation is my most challenging practice! Hmmmm…. Now I have put it in writing and shared my challenge publicly. I’m placing myself in the Ocean of Loving Light and I’ll see what happens!


Rhandee Lipp

Certified Level 2 Instructor

Wisdom Healing Qigong

Qigong & Meditation - Sharon McCarthy

February 2, 2013 Sharon McCarthy

I began to meditate in 1970 and joyfully found the spiritual deepening I had been longing for. The practice came easily and opened doors of perception that western culture had yet to accept as relevant or of value. Serendipity brought others of like mind together to share this quest of inner knowing. We learned how to access higher states of consciousness, giving precedence to the formless and timeless Light that is our essence. We learned hatha yoga in addition to other more esoteric forms, though few of us knew how toground all this energy. In truth, we loved the idea of full transcendence. We began to change our brains, behaviors and essential development. We calmed our nervous systems, trained our minds to focus attention and learned how to self regulate internal energy. Meditation developed our inner peace and the grace to support us through changing times in an unsettled world. We also found teachings from indigenous cultures that offered ways to include our bodies on our spiritual journeys. New modalities taught us how to direct consciousness through our body, through energy centers - in fuller awareness. We were reclaiming our bodies as integral to consciousness and relevant to awakening.

The core practices of qigong feel intuitively natural to most meditators I know. The invitation to reunite mind with body is very healing. As we increase our ability to direct the subtle flows of energy throughout our embodied consciousness, we become less emotionally reactive and more present. Like ice melting in a winter stream, we invite chi to move more freely through the different layers of self, affirming and recreating our own aliveness. Meditation trains our minds to focus with full attention, supports us as we intentionally direct the physical and energetic movements of our body and helps us to feel the changes. Developing the Qigong state is the most integrating of all practices I have embraced so far. It offers a greater continuum between the formal practices that I engage in and my daily activities. I take more responsibility for being aware of how I feel, creating a healthy spectrum of internal states throughout my day. This state reminds me to interchange universal energy with my own, feeling the oneness. For me, meditation and qigong are like two hands holding each other or like two lips joining in a smile.


Sharon McCarthy

Certified Qigong Therapy Practitioner, Level 2

Wisdom Healing Qigong



Qigong & Meditation - Denise Minter

February 2, 2013 Denise Minter

I learned to meditate when I was a sweet 16 year-old body. It seemed easy to sit on the floor, face the wall, be still, and count to 10. Moments later, I would notice that I lost count, and would start all over, again and again. I tried to keep my mind empty, but the counting kept me busy. Besides meditation, my teacher taught me a series of yoga postures, and I found great pleasure in the movement. Yoga enabled my body to be flexible and pain-free throughout the decades as my mind remained the witness, watching, viewing that body as an object outside of myself as I grew up.

Many years later, I was diagnosed with cancer. Well-wishers had so much good advice to share. I made a list of things to do, always keeping busy. Vitamin C drips, raw food, qigong. Qigong? I had never heard that word before, but my friend said it was like tai chi or kung fu, and said that people in China learned how to heal themselves through the practice of qigong. I remembered a TV show from my youth, and a character called "Grasshopper" who was raised by monks, and learned to heal others and defend himself with only his hands and his mind and a little pouch of herbs. I was curious.

I started my bucket list: learn Qigong! Living in San Francisco, I was fortunate to find many masters of the form. I learned that Qigong was both static and dynamic, stillness and movement, form and formlessness. I learned to combine the movement with the stillness by bringing mind inside body. Qigong = embodied awareness. Easier said than done, but cancer proved to be a great teacher and motivator.

I learned a new form of meditation with qigong. I was taught to look inside my body, to visualize, to talk to my organs, to make friends with each cell of my being, even as my body was being put through the paces of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I loved the qigong forms and movements, and started a regular walking practice in the park, every day at 7am.

After breakfast, I was ready to be still and meditate. I was able to close my eyes, be quiet, and look inside. Did I mention the blessing that my teacher spoke little English, so it was natural to keep my mouth closed, with tongue on the upper palate? Without the morning walks, my mind was jumpy, but with this new practice of qigong, I found the sitting meditation to be a comfort, a release from my busy, busy self. I found a place for my mind to rest, to abide.

Some of the practices were more challenging that others. One meditation required a dialog with each of my organs, asking for their forgiveness and friendship, after years of service, keeping my heart beating, and my liver functioning, etc. The wisdom of the body was revealed, I learned the magic of spinal fluid, of the immune system, doing it's job, in concert with all my body parts, working together in each moment of this life.

Now, it was my turn, to acknowledge that I had a body, and stop taking it for granted. It took several months to go through my entire body, and thank each organ, without breaking down in tears. I was making a new connection with myself. Thank you dear brain, thank you dear heart, thank you dear kidneys, and what exactly is it that you kidneys do anyway? The deeper I went, the bigger the opening. There is a universe inside my body. I learned that we are made of the same stuff as stars. We humans are a microcosm of the universe. I saw that I was not separate from my body, although mind struggled to insist otherwise. I saw that I was not independent, nor stuck out on a limb alone, detached from the rest of the world. I have been in remission ever since, and I credit qigong as the foundation I used to rebuild myself after cancer.

I saw that everything was connected. Suddenly, the birds had messages for me. The pine trees, the flowers, and every stone I encountered was humming with aliveness. I regained color in my cheeks, I started to smile for no reason at all. I felt welcomed into the natural world, which had been there all along, although I was too busy to notice before.

I was even able to thank the cancer cells for opening my eyes, in this lifetime, to the fullness of the world, to spirit, and to the everyday magic of Being. I realized that I no longer needed to try. I am. Just by eating a strawberry, or looking at the sunset, I began to taste the everyday miracles I once took for granted. To feel peace deep inside, regardless of whatever is going on around me in this big world, to feel happiness just because I send a smile to my body, this is the benefit of qigong meditation. I found my inner smile.



Denise Minter

Certified Level 1 Instructor

Wisdom Healing Qigong

The Point (a poem)

January 7, 2013 Amy Cooper

The Point

There is no arriving at your

The point changes based on where you look
And what you ask of it
It has no preference for it is
Always before you
But should you look to the side
It will be there

It is almost nothing
And it is everything
Or of it everything might be born

It is you and more than you
You of course are more than you
You are one with all points of the universe

Your point of view is not the point of view
But informs it

The point informs you too

It is ever changing yet still

There are no seven steps to the point
But back and forth and up and down and round
And round and round will do

You might start or end there
Or anywhere to arrive at the beginning again

If it were otherwise the point would have
Already arrived at its destination
And the game would be over

No more dice to toss onto the plane
No longer any to cherish
For what they might foretell

No more jokers or Queens
No more point to pull another card and see
The brush of wind
Or breath of sea
It would always be the card you wanted
Before you dreamed the one you never knew.

by a me

This poem by Amy Cooper was written at a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat. Amy has a blog where she posts her chi field poems, subscribe or just visit using this link:

Regulating Emotional Functioning

December 11, 2012 Amy Cooper

Amy Cooper's recently published article in  the Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent Psychotherapy:

When the Lullaby is Missing: Healing from an Infancy in Foster Care


Infant-Parent Mental Health research and contemporary trauma-informed developmental theory have highlighted the critical co-regulatory functions of the early attachment process. It is well known that shared gaze awakens this process; however, what has been less explored is the role of the human voice in calming the body and informing optimal development. The ancient energetic practice of Qigong Sound Healing offers an important model for regulating emotional functioning. The discussion of its use in treatment with an adolescent, who was emotionally triggered by an infancy on the streets and in neglectful foster care, offers a potential model for the benefits of integrating traditional Chinese medicine's view of emotions and sound healing into psychotherapy.

LINK to full article

Transcendence and Transformation

December 7, 2012 Sharon McCarthy

I feel tremendous gratitude for all that I learned in the early 70’s, from my early immersion in eastern spiritual wisdom and yogic practices that so deeply nourished my soul. Yet at some point, my spiritual journey progressed beyond transcendence as an aim, when I began to sense that it implied that something of intrinsic value was missing in the physical realm. The sacred and mundane worlds were not experienced as equal in this world view. Enlightenment involved pure consciousness and not my body, which was a vehicle that would eventually be abandoned. When I arrived at the insight that if anything is sacred, then everything is – I knew it was time for a more holistic embrace.

To evolve while truly living consciously at home in my body and in connection with our planet called for transformation. It engages our capacity to communicate with the grace, power and beauty of nature that we are alive within and that is alive within us. It invites us to bring full awareness to the energetic aspect of our self that permeates the sacred temple of our body. Every level of consciousness is a gateway to Self: physical, emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual. So where growth and healing are invited, a shift at any level activates our full alchemical transformation. It may be that Love is the essential catalyst for transformation – where nothing is left out, left behind or ‘risen above’ as implied by transcendence. Love has the capacity to dissolve judgment, separation, conditionality and duality.

Driving under the Influence

December 4, 2012 JudyGuma Tretheway

Blog moon glowOn Sunday night’s drive home from the Advancing Workshop, I was definitely driving under the influence. No breath test needed. I was under the influence of the incredible chi flow off a weekend focusing on visualization and manifestation with Mingtong. And I was definitely under the influence of the amazingly bright and radiant moon.

The moon is a great communicator of both the seen and the unseen. We have come to know and trust its presence, and feel its influence in our lives and the planet. Even when we don’t see it, we deeply know its presence.

This night’s moon had a glow that offered me a real sense of how to visualize a radiant aura. Atmospheric conditions (light cloud cover), allowed me to see the glow of the sun’s light reflecting off the moon. This halo or aura extended noticeably in all directions. Whether it really was the sun’s radiance reflected or the radiance of the moon itself didn’t matter to me. I felt I was perceiving the energy of the moon as I drove around the bay, up over the hills and down into the valley.

The last hour of our weekend had been spent visualizing our own heart (the blood pumping organ) in a variety of physical and energetic ways. We finished with radiating, pulsing with light emanating unconditionally from all dimensions of our heart.

Now the practice, the moon, the drive, all linked with my muse, which is always seeking out new experiments in how to pray for world conditions that trouble me. Without thinking about it, I sent my heart up to the moon. Effortlessly I saw the moon as my own heart, pulsing with life, shining down upon the planet, all the world conditions and life circumstances. Thus I drove guided home, under the influence of my own benevolence, while wrapping all that I cared about, and all that I didn’t even know about, in the radiance of my moon/heart.

How do you image your heart opening to the conditions of the world?


Then as frequently happens, in my inbox comes a quote that seems so related:

"The fundamental characteristic of true compassion is pure and fearless openness without territorial limitations. There is no need to be loving and kind to one’s neighbors, no need to speak pleasantly to people and put on a pretty smile. This little game does not apply. In fact it is embarrassing. Real openness exists on a much larger scale, a revolutionary large and open scale, a universal scale. Compassion means for you to be as adult as you are, while still maintaining a childlike quality. In the Buddhist teachings the symbol for compassion, as I have already said, is one moon shining in the sky while its image is reflected in one hundred bowls of water. The moon does not demand, “If you open to me, I will do you a favor and shine on you.” The moon just shines.
The point is not to want to benefit anyone or make them happy. There is no audience involved, no “me” and “them.” It is a matter of an open gift, complete generosity without the relative notions of giving and receiving. That is the basic openness of compassion: opening without demand. Simply be what you are.
Be the master of the situation. If you will just “be,” then life flows around and through you. This will lead you into working and communicating with someone, which of course demands tremendous warmth and openness." ~~~ Chogyam Trungpa, 1974

The language we use

November 30, 2012 Bianca Molle

“Human speech is like a cracked tin drum on which we hammer out tunes to make bears dance when we long to move the stars.”
-- Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

This has always been my favorite quote, and inspired my only graffiti-writing experience: scrawled, in my youth, on the walls of the women’s locker room at Jones Beach, NY. These words continue to humble me and make me strive for clarity in my tango with the keyboard.

In his latest book, “Language of Recovery,” Dr. Robert Rodgers illustrates for us the subtleties of our everyday language and assists us as we navigate the lexicon of intention, exemplifying throughout how our choice of words can often sabotage our work on recovery. The type of recovery doesn’t matter: Parkinson’s, other chronic conditions, cancer, financial, any condition we wish to optimize. The words we select weigh in on either the positive or negative side of the scale, subtly affecting our subconscious, and therefore our conscious responses.

click here for the full blog post

When the Devil called my name

November 27, 2012 Nancy Malloy

When the Devil Called My Name

by Nancy Malloy


When the devil called my name,
I could not escape
the brutality, the rape
of what is precious and pure.
When the devil called my name, summoned me to a sordid game
I knew a trap was being laid for my soul, my hope, my innocence to be taken away.

I played the victim but it didn’t change, so
I tried to play the devils game,
I played the sleuth but I’m not smart enough to make it change,
I watched as others stood by and closed their eyes and their minds to the crimes being laid before them.

This morning I remember what my heart said last night,
telling me to stay out of the fight
telling me to do what’s right is to love despite the scarring,
the memory of sleepless nights when stakes were being driven through my life,
not to kill, just to maim the place I hold so dear, to derange me, take me from my home and make me hate, make me want to take my life to end the rage,
my heart said, “let me do the driving, let me love no matter what,
plant some roses, plant some seeds that beckon butterflies
and hummingbirds
and angels.”

I was once a warrior, I was once so brave that
I endured, I survived and I saved a life but
my heart says “are you brave enough to let me drive?”

Thankfullness arising from the Tao

November 22, 2012 JudyGuma Tretheway

Tao is not so much a static primordial “entity” which “sets things into motion,” in a Newtonian fashion -- as it is the ever-present yet ever-illusive quicksilver essence of a universe that is intrinsically alive, and manifests continuously as the holographic dance of the ten-thousand-things.

By , Guide

Ah, so thankful for this beautiful definition, as for this practice, these teachings and the free flowing chi...


Reflecting the pure chi of a toddler's smile

October 17, 2012 JudyGuma Tretheway

What does the reflection of your chi look like?

Reflection Estelle

Integrating the perspective of a two-year-old brings forth the fullness of life.

photo is of Guma's granddaughter Estelle Fisher who just turned two yesterday!

being a force of Nature

"This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy."
George Bernhard Shaw

Pour Chi Down

September 26, 2012 JudyGuma Tretheway

Pour Chi Down by the pond

Sometimes the invisable becomes visable! Out on the pond watching the ripples made my my paddles, my eyes caught their reflection in the trees. Ah, perfect sense of Pour Chi Down.  Enjoy the background chatter of my grandson as my son takes this video from the canoe.

Where have you seen the teachings manifesting in the world around you lately?


September 26, 2012 Sharon McCarthy


Essence of your integration

August 16, 2012 Deborah Moore

Home from the recent Teacher Training Retreat, Deborah Moore synthized her sense of what Wisdom Healing Qigong practice means in her life. What would you say in 100 words or less, right off the top of your head? Quick now grap a pen and see what flows.  Send it to Guma and we will keep this rolling.

Through our dedicated daily practice we are able to go beyond the five senses. We practice the essence of Lachi throughout all our visualizations, movements and sounds:

We expand our being and merge with the ocean of light. With our being in formless, disharmonious information that does not serve us begins to be released.

As we gather in pure source energy, we go back to form, with our form now less conditioned by old stories, old emotions, old disharmonious information.

The more we practice, the more we release deeply rooted stories, fears. We move toward optimal wellness physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are spiritually awakened.

Pour chi down by the pond

August 14, 2012 JudyGuma Tretheway

Right click to download. Left click to play using the default player.

This was a fun experience of the ocean of light.  Out on the pond at our family retreat last week I noticed that the ripples my paddling made was reflecting off the trees.  Haola, what a sense of the ocean of light I got.  Next step was to enlist my son and two grandsons to video me while rippling the water. 

On Lindy's transition

August 2, 2012 by Peter Stickney

Lindy sweet Lindy
Sweet song comes
from afar gracing us
with lovely presence
moving through time
colorfully touching all
then gracefully fades
into her essence
timeless eternal

Affirmations bring freedom

August 2, 2012 by Rhandee Lipp

My husband has been using these every week with his clients who are recently out of jail, but deemed mentally incompetent to understand court proceedings. He does the tapping with them in group. Then he gives them each a copy with a highlighter and has them highlight the most meaningful phrase for themselves for each energy center.
Rhandee Lipp
Certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor

Affirmations for Mental Health Clients

Practice 9 minutes (3" per center) 3Xday. First connect to chi field.

1. Tapping first at Yintang between eyebrows, connect to brain. Relax. My brain is relaxed. I can help myself. I can help my brain. I can activate my healthy brain. I am releasing old stories. I am releasing old habits that do not help me. I am ready for new possibilities. I am open to new possibilities. I can activate the Divine Blueprint for my brain. I can activate the brain I was born with, my baby brain. I can love myself like a newborn baby. I am grateful for my fresh, new brain.

2. Tapping at heart. My heart is relaxed. My heart is open. I release any feelings of resentment. I release any feelings of hatred. I release any feelings of depression. I open my heart to new possibilities. I open my heart to joy. I open my heart to peace. I open my heart to harmony. I open my heart to happiness. I can recall a happy moment from my life and experience it again any time. I commit to staying with that happy experience for 30 seconds. Happiness is my birthright and my responsibility. I love myself like a newborn baby. I am grateful for new joy in my life.

3. Tapping at Dantian. I am relaxed deeply into my body. I am grounded and centered. I release any feelings of anxiety. I release any feelings of worry. I release any feelings of fear. I am open to new possibilities. I open myself to a new way of being. I am grateful for this relaxation and new way of being.

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