The Chi Center

For Wisdom and Healing


“This will be a unique environment for connecting to inner wisdom and healing. There is nothing like it in North America; people will come from all over the world to Discover Your Wisdom of Mind, Body and Heart ."

- Master Mingtong Gu, founder of the Chi Center

The Center and Vision

The Chi Center has a new home! Formerly the Vista Clara Ranch Spa Resort in New Mexico, this incredible property is now The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong. This beautiful 79 acre resort is located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe in Galisteo, NM. With breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunsets over the western mountains, and vast darkness of the enormous night sky, healing emerges as mind and spirit connect. Workshops are held in the beautiful circular building which replicates traditional ceremonial kivas, set into the earth. The main house features six fireplaces and the grounds include two labyrinths, outdoor fireplaces, fountains, a pond with a waterfall and paths for reflection and hiking. This is a place where heaven and earth truly meet within you and around you.

Just as Dr. Pang started with ten students in the early 1970s and inspired millions of practitioners within two decades, Mingtong started with small classes and has expanded into a global program with thousands of online participants and sold-out retreats around the world. Our vision to create a center dedicated to integrative healing through Qigong and other modalities is now coming alive in our own new Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Support of Energy Practice

a place that energetically supports the expansion and integration of all wisdom traditions and wellness modalities, bridging the practical and spiritual, personal and social, inner and outer.

A Portal for Global Community

a physical portal for connecting people globally, through state of the art communication technologies and wisdom practice, dedicated to healing of ourselves and healing of our world

A Place of Healing & Transformation

a dedicated place for people to learn and practice self care, self healing and self empowering systems of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Read More about retreats.


Empowerment of Professionals

a place for leaders and teachers of all wisdom traditions, health and wellness organizations, and other professional communities to nourish and recharge their own bodies, hearts, and minds



Online Training

Learn the ancient wisdom and practice of health and healing through the online live stream and audio/video classes at any time and in any place through the internet and guidance of Master Mingtong Gu. It is the most progressive, systematic and integrative way to learn and practice ancient wisdom of Qigong in modern living.
Online Course

Professional Training Program
Training Program

Learn and apply the ancient wisdom and practice of healing and transformation to empower your professional life and realize the full potential of your service through this wisdom paradigm of energetic integrative oneness.
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Perfect Place

for Partners
Are you interested in exploring the benefit of Wisdom Healing Qigong to benefit your program including retreats on the site? How Qigong can benefit your organization and your program such as healthcare, leadership, mindfulness, conscious aging, trauma release, PTSD, activist and others. Contact us at  

Magic sky and sunset in the land of enchantment

The Chi Center
is 20 minutes from Santa Fe

: the ancient history of the land

Kiva: The Temple of Rebirth and Ceremony

Abundance Hall:
the dinning hall for 60 people indoor and 200 people in the beautiful courtyard.

: three main houses offer single rooms, double and dormitory lodging (3-5 beds)






A Place for Nourishment


A Place of Ceremony

A Vision for Gathering for Humanity: Compassion Dome to be built to fulfill such vision for all generation and all tradition.


Art, Music and Mystism: it will be a place to showcase and experience, through high technology, great artistic and spiritual vision of sacred earth and mystery of the universe.

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