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Driving under the Influence

Thankfullness arising from the Tao

Reflecting the pure chi of a toddler's smile

Pour Chi Down

Pour chi down by the pond

Sources for Free Taoist E-books on the Web

Sources for Free Taoist E-books on the Web (copy)

Reaching out for new skills

Insights from Illness

Hun Yuan Ling Tong

Two profound Sound Healing experiences in one day

Bonding with my grandaughter

While doing some emergency babysitting for our three month old granddaughter, I was rocking her to sleep when I chose to sing her the Five Organ Sounds. With the first vibrations off my heart and through my voice, her eyes flew open wide and stared right into mine. “Oh! what’s this lovely feeling?” she seemed to say.

Energetics Explained

Hip Rotation Clarification

LCUPCD - Between Heaven and Earth

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