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February 2, 2013 Rhandee Lipp

Prior to starting Wisdom Healing Qigong, I could not manage to meditate for more than a few minutes at a time. I had tried various techniques to no avail. I knew I needed it and I just couldn’t do it. In fact, I couldn’t even relax enough to take a bath! “Relaxing” in a bath seemed highly overrated. Why waste all that time in the bathtub when you can get just as clean in a shower and it is so much more efficient! I was so disconnected from my body, it took a major pain syndrome to wake me up.

The combinations of movements, sounds and mantras of WHQ, have enabled me to get out of my head and be fully present in my body. I now feel like I have an intimate relationship with all my organ systems, my brain, my bone marrow, my DNA, my entire body. I feel deep gratitude for the amazing work they do for me every day, 24-7.

I am still partial to moving meditation, AND I can now luxuriate in the bathtub. Granted, I typically do 5 Organ Sound Healing while I’m in there. I still don’t have a sitting meditation practice, but I know now I can do it. The only WHQ practice for which I have not yet done a gong is Standing Meditation. I would rather do 30 minutes of Chen Chi than 30 minutes of Standing Meditation. It feels slightly embarrassing to admit that Standing Meditation is my most challenging practice! Hmmmm…. Now I have put it in writing and shared my challenge publicly. I’m placing myself in the Ocean of Loving Light and I’ll see what happens!


Rhandee Lipp

Certified Level 2 Instructor

Wisdom Healing Qigong

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