Illuminate - Brighid ~ Triple Goddess of poetry, smith craft and healing.

February 2, 2013 Sharon McCarthy

Brighid 2013
Dear Ones,
Seasonal tides are changing and we can feel the real promise of increasing light.

Like the earliest spring bulbs we find ourselves opening to new possibilities.

In Ireland this point between winter solstice and spring equinox belongs to

Brighid ~ Triple Goddess of poetry, smith craft and healing.

Fire transforms metal in the forge, just as poetry ignites the fire in our head and hearts.

Spiritual fire can liberate and activate the pure energy stored within us to heal our self and others.

This is a liminal time. We are invited to flow with nature’s current as She whispers us awake.

Between waking and dream we open to that vast realm of wisdom and insight.

Inspiration becomes as essential as our breath ~ fuel for the alchemy that real-izes our desires.

We kindle the flame in our head, our heart and in our belly, tending our inner fires as we prepare for Spring.

Blessed Be our Hearts, our hearths and our beloved Earth in this time of illumination.

Much Love



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