When the Devil called my name

November 27, 2012 Nancy Malloy

When the Devil Called My Name

by Nancy Malloy


When the devil called my name,
I could not escape
the brutality, the rape
of what is precious and pure.
When the devil called my name, summoned me to a sordid game
I knew a trap was being laid for my soul, my hope, my innocence to be taken away.

I played the victim but it didn’t change, so
I tried to play the devils game,
I played the sleuth but I’m not smart enough to make it change,
I watched as others stood by and closed their eyes and their minds to the crimes being laid before them.

This morning I remember what my heart said last night,
telling me to stay out of the fight
telling me to do what’s right is to love despite the scarring,
the memory of sleepless nights when stakes were being driven through my life,
not to kill, just to maim the place I hold so dear, to derange me, take me from my home and make me hate, make me want to take my life to end the rage,
my heart said, “let me do the driving, let me love no matter what,
plant some roses, plant some seeds that beckon butterflies
and hummingbirds
and angels.”

I was once a warrior, I was once so brave that
I endured, I survived and I saved a life but
my heart says “are you brave enough to let me drive?”

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