Magnetic Man Mingtong


By Sam Rosenzweig


Ode Wire has a great piece written by Sam Rosenzweig that you might want to share with your students and others who are curious!

AND you might want to add your own comments as to your expierence and passion like Peter did!

Excerpt: When Master Gu told me of the profound positive changes he has seen in his students over the years, I found it difficult to grasp how Qigong promotes healing. I began a full-day workshop in San Rafael, California, home of Master Gu’s Chi Center. When I started the simple, yet challenging pattern of movements and breaths, my body was flooded by a sense of both calm and exhaustion. My senses were elevated and I felt a heightened stiffness in my muscles but also a deeper awareness of them. Qigong activated a different state of being, a transition from a “fight or flight” state of mind to a calmer place. Perhaps it is in this other place where healing is possible. A place where the body can activate its own intuitive power to mend and correct imbalances.


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