Reaching out for new skills

February 1, 2012 by JudyGuma Tretheway

Gwen with hoberman ball

Watching a three month old learn about her hands and discover their potential to bring satisfaction has been an amazing gift of learning. At first a newborn's hands flail around, their face gets scratched and they wake them selves up with the random jerky movements. Then the hands start to make contact with the mouth and the rewards build the capacity, and eventually this act can be managed deliberately. What is most amazing is when the ability to focus on a toy comes, and the keen interest motivates wild swinging of the arms so random at first. The desire is so obvious yet the brain and the muscles still have a ways to go to "get their act together." She is making her best effort and is making daily progress, and we all know the day will come. The skill that is so challenging today is going to be second nature in due time.

I recognize that it is like this for me with my earnest desire to learn how to engage fully with the energy of healing and to learn how to direct energy and transform energy. When I see my fumbling and struggling attempts through the lens of her earnest efforts, I too know that it will be second nature in due time. I can visualize for myself, just as I can visualize for her that it is in my future, I just need to keep making the effort and eventually the brain connection will be formed and the skill will be mine.

Gwen Tretheway with chi ball
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