How big is the presence of the spirit?

February 6, 2012 by Mingtong Gu


Having our precious new baby Lotus has made me so aware of how big is the presence of the spirit, the energy field of even the smallest of bodies. The smallness of baby Lotus’s body, with its limited functioning and limited emotions, is such a contrast to the presence of love, profound sense of wholeness, and pure consciousness that has she brought with her into our lives.

In the baby, the gap between how much learning and capacity is yet to be developed and the big presence her wholeness brings me again to the insight that we know and often forget - this process of filling in the gap between the bigness of our presence and the smallness, the fragile nature, of our bodies.

We are all continually learning how to use the body to its fullest capability, bringing the big presence of wholeness into the physical body to expand our healing capacity and bring recovery to any physical situation.
Our practice is to go into the wholeness, the pure consciousness, spiritually and physically, always recognizing that our presence is whole, intact, and unconditionally perfect, just like our baby Lotus.

And from that wholeness we bring that pure chi, pure spirit, back into the cellular body, into this relative dimension of the world. No matter what the physical dimension, we are starting with the wholeness. No matter what our condition, or the condition of someone we love, we can all connect with the profound presence of perfection that we are all born with, and I so deeply recognize, in our baby Lotus.

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