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Qigong for Energy Healing, DVD

Qigong for Energy Healing, DVD

$ 24.95

Learn to activate chi body within and chi field around to exchange energy for healing. This is the first and must have DVD to follow the form and receive the transmission of the practice.
22 minutes of Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down Method (LCUPCD)
15 minutes of Standing Meditation

Tao of Qigong, DVD, FREE (shipping charges apply)

Tao of Qigong, DVD: Includes bonus videos

$ 0.00

Includes the main video plus bonus videos. The purpose of this video is to explore one form of Qigong and its main principles and applications, but, perhaps more importantly, trace the foundations upon which all forms of Qigong are based.

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Qigong for Internal Energy, Body Mind Method, DVD

Qigong for Internal Energy, Body Mind Method,DVD

$ 24.95

Length: 45 minutes
It is a powerful practice to release tension and stress, open deep internal energy channels and gates.
It will train the mind to penetrate the body

Qigong for Internal Energy 1 Basic Practice (Awaken Vitality)

Qigong for Internal Energy 1, Basic Practice DVD

$ 24.95

Includes short and longer sessions of:

-Spinal Bone Marrow

-Bending Spines

-Hip Rotations

-Chen Chi


Also features La Chi and Sound Healing

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