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Exciting News of New Center

March 21, 2016 by Guma Judy Tretheway

PTP Meeting with Mingtong_March 19, 2016

Professional Program Meeting with Mingtong

March 19, 2016 Live Stream announcing new Center and Professional Retreat

Chi Field Setting by Hiromi. Hiromi's beautiful chi field setting was using the script that Mingtong is asking all of us to memorize and use. Haola thank you Hiromi for your example of how transmissive these words are.

Mingtong's announcement of New Center in Santa Fe. Debra Chamberlain -Tayor was moderating our meeting and supporting us all in our initial questions and enthusiasm. Debra is a certified Teacher and often Assists at Retreats one of our many amazing chi crew. (Debra introduction 12 minutes; New Center conversation begins at 14 minutes).

Download and open this file to see the photos discussed: Clear View Spa and future Chi Center Retreat Center

Chi flow around the World. (1:15 minutes) Mingtong linking his new journey with Dr. Pang's journey and sharing of inspriation from around the world. How the chi field is accelerating in many ways and in many medical settings.

Professional Training Retreat. (1:39 minutes) Brief overview of how we are planning the Professional Training component of the Month long Retreat October 6 - November 3. Limited spaces and more details to follow.


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