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First Year Professional Training Course

for teachers & healers


First Year Professional Training Program

The purpose of our First Year Professional Training Course is to provide teachings, study materials, experiences and support for those who desire to become a Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) instructor and/or healer. Through this intensive year of training you gain proficiency in our Qigong practices and become fully prepared for a certification retreat at the end of the year.

There are two streams within this program:

those seeking to be Level 1 Instructors of the Wisdom Healing Qigong practices (one year program for Level 1)

those seeking certification as a Level 1 Healing Facilitator (first of two years)

The content is the same for both streams. Assignments vary. Full participation results in 100 credit hours. 



• Completion of Beginning Qigong for Life courses. Alternative cumulative learning through retreats or previous online programs giving you basic level competence in Awaken Vitality Method, Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method and Five Organs Integrative Sound Healing.

• Consistent regular practice.

• Willingness to meet commitment requirements, participate fully and promote our global Qigong community.


Learning objectives:

• Familiarity with and enjoyment of each foundational WHQ practice: Awaken Vitality Method, Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method and Five Organs Integrative Sound Healing and Lachi/Fachi

• An understanding of and the ability to share with others the WHQ philosophy and practices

• The ability to set and hold a chi field for your classes, clients or other gatherings

• Competence in WHQ story: Dr. Pang, medicine-less Qigong hospital in China, and the approach of Master Mingtong Gu. You are able to represent our tradition in your community


Summary of Program Components

Instructional Content (see detailed syllabus below)

• Focused transmissions from Master Mingtong Gu (and experienced Wisdom Healing Qigong Teachers) shared through live stream sessions that are available in this course. Nine sessions over the year, 1.5 hours each on specific topics to build your capacity as a Wisdom Healing Qigong teacher or healer.

• Study materials: online video and audio teaching materials organized with reading, practice, discussion and experiencial assignments. Complimentary eBooks. Archived "best of the past" teachings audio and video format. Transcriptions to download of many of the video teachings.

• Mentoring and review of your practice form by certified teachers.

• Free access to Qi 110 Awaken Vitality PROF: beginning Awaken Vitality Method for you to use while holding your practice groups. 

Collaborative Content, Practice Groups

• Practice Groups: Those becoming teachers will be initiating and facilitating a practice group in their local community utilizing Mingtong’s teachings and practice sessions. Your group facilitation will initiate the building of the WHQ Qigong community in your local area. Practice groups expand the chi community with Chi Center online programs, creating a dynamic three-way interaction between Master Gu, local students, and you, the teacher trainee.

Hosting of Chi Center free live stream events in your community is strongly encouraged. This can range from bringing a few friends to your home to watch with you, or organizing an event in a community space.

• Peer support and sharing: collective learning opportunities and chi buddy companions. Mutual peer support and discussion of your experiences during profound practices sessions or challenging group facilitation moments provide both integration and expansion. Traveling consciously together we can best realize the collective, accumulative, holographic nature of our chi field experience. An important component of the chi buddy relationship is to practice speaking in the healing language of Wisdom Healing Qigong. This includes energetic mentoring, visualizing perfection, constructive feedback, and program accountability. Be prepared to give and receive from the best of who you are with honesty, integrity and a deep desire to support each other in reaching our greatest potential.

Dynamic participation in a global chi field with its amazing energy and potential in our lives and community. 


Overarching Goals and Expectations

The commitment to this First Year Professional Training Program assumes:

• A clear one-year commitment to this intensive program allowing you to concentrate and accelerate your development.

• A willingness to watch over yourself (and keep a journal of your reflections), bearing witness to your own transformation from student to teacher/healer, embracing the challenges with renewed dedication.

• A desire to engage open heartedly with fellow online participants, cultivating our collective chi field with your caring and questioning comments and active participation.

• Eagerness to quickly address any technical issues, embracing all technological components as an integral part of the chi field cultivation and WHQ practice.

• Personal accountability with chi buddies, sharing circles, reading assignments and inquiry reflections as well as personal practice of the forms and meditations.

• A commitment to the cultivation of our collective, accumulative and holographic Wisdom Healing Qigong chi field, recognizing your own important contribution to personal and global healing.


First Year Professional Training Syllabus


Unit 1

• History of Wisdom Healing Qigong 

Learn the rich and inspiring history of Dr. Pang and the creation of the medicine-less Qigong Hospital in China. How it grew from dozens to thousands of participants. Why it was closed, and how it continues to spread around the world. Mingtong’s personal story and experience in the Master’s Training program. Mingtong’s experiments adapting these profound teachings for the western culture, mind, and personality. How Zhineng Qigong continues as Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Unit 2

• How to make your story a healing story

As teachers we are constantly telling healing stories to inspire and instruct our students. How we tell the story is often as important as the content. Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) promotes a framework of acceptance of our current conditions and an activation of the healing we desire. Mingtong teaches us to speak in terms of “Yes, and” with our challenges, and to apply the Three A’s (Acceptance, Activation and Appreciation). This way of thinking and speaking reflects a holistic rather than prescriptive approach to healing

Unit 3

• Principles and practice of organizing a chi field

The healing chi field is a profound teaching of Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong. We will learn simple effective ways of organizing the chi field for our practice, groups and events. Understanding how a chi field forms and functions through the influence of the location, those gathered together and the leader will teach us to perceive on this new level of collective energetic engagement. Tips on listening to the chi field as a healer.

Unit 4

• Integration

A period of reflection and opportunity to review materials from the previous three units. Assessments to take to receive credit for these units. 

Unit  5

• Three A’s: Acceptance, Activation and Appreciation

Healing energy flows with healthy thoughts. In Units 5 and 6 we will focus cultivating both a philosophical understanding of the Healing Mind as well as the ability to transmit this information to our prospective students. Personal practice of these teachings naturally provides the highest level of integration.

Key to healing is the acceptance of one’s current conditions and challenges. YES, accepting or unconditionally loving every aspect of ourselves is challenging; yet it is essential. AND we can still be eager for change and activate healing through all the tools at our disposal including the Wisdom Healing Qigong practices we are learning. Appreciating the gift of life, the practices and our collective experience brings the whole journey into one joyful process. 

Unit 6

• Components of the Healing Mind

Healing Mind, or consciousness, from the Chinese perspective, is a union of the mind and heart. Bringing the mind back to the body (as we do in Qigong) is the essential first step. Awareness of the chi or life force energy arises from the practice, from there we learn to cultivate a positive mind, a focused mind, a loving mind, and a mind that begins to perceive visually, beyond the senses into the energy.

We will explore both cultivating our own Healing Mind, and utilizing our capacity to connect deeply with the chi field and our students; as well as foster this awareness and capacity in our students.

Unit 7

• Stages of Learning: the progressive nature of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ)

There are three levels of instruction of each WHQ form, and observable stages of progression within these steps. While individuals have their own unique experiences as they mature there is great value in understanding the natural progression so that as a instructor you are able to nurture, integrate and build upon the accumulative progress of your students. Slow progression with deep integration optimums results. Within the fast-pace nature of this First Year Program we need to be mindful of the overall picture to activate at the appropriate level for our students.

Unit 8

• Integration

A period of reflection and opportunity to review materials from the previous three units. Assessments to take to receive credit for these units.

Unit 9

• Six Golden Keys part 1: Haola, Inner Smile, Trust

Foundational to the success of the medicine-less hospital in China were the Six Golden Keys. This month we will focus on Haola (all is well so be it) which is deeply related to the Three A’s. We will learn and practice the Inner Smile meditation and teaching. And discuss the relationship between Trust and Belief.

Unit 10

• Six Golden Keys part 2: Service, Chi Field and Dedicated Practice

Appreciation and Service go hand in hand. How we can amplify our chi benefits and influence through dedication of our practice beyond our own personal needs. Utilizing the chi field for expanded practice and teaching benefits. The power of practice.

Unit 11

• Principles and Practices of Energetic Healing

The Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong approach to healing which has fostered so many “miraculous” healings is not so miraculous when you understand the energetic science of healing. While Western medicine generally focuses on and treats specific symptoms, WHQ takes a holistic approach, which is embedded in the understanding that source energy is everywhere present, and everything is constantly changing. Our minds when deeply connected energetically can guide that transformation for our personal and global benefit.

Unit 12

• Integration

A period of reflection and opportunity to review materials from the previous three units as well as the whole year. Assessments to take for credit for these units.

Register for the Professional Certification retreat and join with fellow participants in this rich in-person experience of final preparation and demonstration of your skills.


Accountability and requirement fulfillment

Begin by completing Application for the First Year Professional Training Program.

• Time and attention: This First Year Professional Training Program includes both instructional and collaborative components; both are essential to your training. Please devote quality attention to both. Expectations for practice, study and participation at a minimum are:

First Year Professional Course: Three to five hours per week for video materials, readings, assignments, group and chi buddy participation.
Deepening your practice with Intermediate Level Qigong for Life Program. One to two hours of daily practice and study.

• Assignments:  Within each First Year Professionals lesson will be an assignment. These all relate to the Practice Group, chi buddy and discussion questions for that month, as well as reflections on the practices you are studying. Completion of assignments and tests are requirements for certification.

• Readings: All our published books will be required reading during the year. We provide complimentary eBooks for most titles. Each of these books are currently available in print version (hard copy) for purchase from the chi center webpage store. Other readings will be available within the First Year Professional Training.

• Questions: Questions are valuable learning tools. Your questions are encouraged and will be answered during live streams, in lesson forums or individually. Your questions help us gage your level of engagement and understanding, and allow us to provide resources so that all will benefit.

• Full participation in the First Year Professional Training Course fulfills prerequisite preparation for annual Professional Certification retreat for Level 1 WHQ Instructor. Further study in our Second Year Professional Program is required for those desiring certification as a Healing Practitioner or Level 2 Instructor. These retreats are often held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Tel Aviv, Israel.


If you have a physical or illness challenge, this does not limit your potential participation. Write WHQProfessionals@chicenter.com and explore the possibilities, as at least modified practice of the forms taught during the First Year Practitioner Program is required. It is however expected that all participants are capable mentally and emotionally to handle the intensity and personal transformation activated by this rigorous program.