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Qigong & Meditation - Ellie Coriell

February 2, 2013 Ellie Coriell

For years I have practiced a meditation of deep surrender to the wisdom of the heart as it moves through my entire body, awakening and teaching me about my heart’s deepest desires. It is through listening deeply within my body that I learn about what blocks me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is spontaneous expression and experience.

Qigong allows my mind to participate by guiding my active awareness to my spine, my organs, my cells and deep into my DNA. It invites my mind to play with concepts of form/formlessness, heaven/earth, as I actively move my body and allow the deep integration. I love initiating sounds and mantras that allow deep resonance in my organs and cells.

For me it has been learning to use two legs. I love the silence and letting go of my busy thoughts and sinking deeply in the experience of no words, trusting my heart/mind to guide me. I also love actively directing my body and thoughts with the Qigong practices. They work together flowing between formless (my meditation) and form (my Qigong). They have become seamless flowing within and through each other and all of my experiences and expressions of myself.

Ellie Coriell

Certified Teacher

Wisdom Healing Qigong


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