Book: The Healing Process

The Wisdom Healing Qigong Perspective: Teachings at Esalen 2013

Book: The Healing Process

$ 15.00


Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong Healing Process

Discover a Uniquely Powerful Perspective with Amazing Results

The beauty and healing power of Esalen where Master Mingtong Gu leads retreats several times a year takes us quickly into the essential ingredients necessary when seeking healing from any traumatic or systemic dis-ease. Tap into the all pervasive energy of wholeness with his careful explanation of empowering yourself through energetic awareness.

This booklet explores Qigong Healing through the profound practices shared at the famous medicine-less Qigong hospital in China and amplified by Master Mingtong Gu who is bringing this healing and wellness wisdom to practitioners world wide. To learn more, the Chi Center offers retreats, weekends, online programs and events for new and continuing students and wellness professionals and certification training of Qigong Teachers.

Wisdom Healing Qigong practitioner Sandy Weil wrote, "I wanted to share how the new little booklet, The Healing Process, is so simple and clear. Really wonderful. Even with all the classes I've taken, and reading the big blue book, the way this material is presented is very absorbable (for me) and hopefully many others. Glad it is low cost because I will absolutely buy for a few friends so they have a better understanding of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Thank you for putting this small booklet together and sharing your love :-)"

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