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What Is Wisdom Healing Qigong

Answers to your questions:
What is Qigong?
What is Wisdom Healing Qigong?                                                     
How can I learn this Qigong?
How do we bring these beautiful ideas into practice?
Who is Master Mingtong Gu?
What happened to the medicine-less hospital in China?
Can we duplicate the hospital's teachings here?
How do miracles happen?
Why does Qigong work to heal all disease?
What did the research at the hospital in China find?
What is the most important aspect of Qigong?
How do we get energy to flow freely through our bodies?
How do we get more energy?
What are the essential Wisdom Healing Qigong practices?
How can Qigong become a part of my life?
What do you do at Wisdom Healing Qigong retreats?
How do I make the teachings and practices work for me?
Have the miracles happened to regular people like me?
Can Qigong help with a really serious condition like Parkinson’s Disease?
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WHQ book 200


Wisdom Healing Qigong
Cultivate Wisdom and Energy For Health, Healing and Happiness

"This is a remarkable effort from Master Mingtong Gu -- Wisdom Healing Qigong is a workbook, a treatise on the benefits of Qigong and a rare pool of wisdom to dip into --there's something for readers of every level, from the mildly curious to the most serious practitioner. If there really is a template for health and happiness, this may be it!

It is a book that rewards study and re-reading, although I believe even the most cursory implementation of the basic exercises will cause a shift in energy for the reader and activate healing. The book states that the vision of Wisdom Healing Qigong is to "Heal Ourselves, Heal the World" and, with one dip of your toe into the Ocean of Energy out there, you will know this is possible!" ~Cheryl Shainmark, Merlian News

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