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Name Ellen Asherah CCHT CMT
Address 24035 Hilderbrand Drive or pob 1493
middletown, CA
United States
Home Phone (707) 987-8700
Business Name Ellen Asherah CCHT CMT
Business Email
Business Phone (707) 217-2202
Business Address Middletown
Lake County, CA
United States
Other Information Certified Level Two Instructor
  • Certified Level Two Instructor
  • Biography Ellen Asherah CCHT CMT

    I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Certified Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master Teacher since 1994. Energy work, vibrational and sound healing is my life-long passion and I have been working with mind/body/energy modalities since 1983. I am also an artist and professional tattoo artist.

    I am in love with the tradition and practice of Wisdom Healing QiGong for the multidimensional approach; the bliss and strength the physical practice brings me; the powerful healing made available through the practice; the amazingly transformative sound healing; the emphasis on energetic expansion and integration—both out into the qi field (universal healing energy field expanding into infinity) and deep into the core within; and the highly effective energy healing techniques, for self healing, one on one and in group healing sessions. I am so happy and inspired to teach and share this very ancient and very current QiGong tradition.

    I am based in Middletown, Lake County, CA, just a few miles away from Harbin Hot Springs. I offer Wisdom Healing QiGong classes at the Middletown Massage & Acupuncture Collective and other locations. For more information visit my website: www.ellenasherah.com.

    Email: ellenasherah@netzero.com

    Phone: 707-217-2202
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