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Certification Retreat Financial Assistance Program

Purpose: To assist qualified and dedicated students in reaching their goal of becoming a Wisdom Healing Qigong professional and serve their communities with the gifts of this tradition and their cumulative cultivation.

Perspective: Hun Yuan Ling Tong. The pure source energy is constantly flowing and creating new opportunities for the fulfillment of our true potential. Our deep alignment and engagement with the chi field PLUS our dedication and practice are the essential components to fulfilling our deepest desires. Asking for help and receiving from others is the essential nature of chi flowing freely.

The Practice:

  • Estimate your expenses, including travel and child/elder care, and retreat tuition and lodging.
  • Organize the Chi Field: Create an opportunity with others to purposefully organize the chi field and visualize yourself reaching your goal and receiving any financial assistance beyond what is available to you naturally. Repeatedly return to this in every practice session and beyond.
  • Reach out to your community of friends, family, students and strangers and ask for help.
    • Speak about the value of your training so far and your dream of certification.
    • Speak of the contribution Wisdom Healing Qigong is making in the lives of others, and how you want to contribute by becoming a teacher and healer.
    • Speak of the the ways you could pay assistance back, and even more importantly, pay it forward.


Your current financial situation needs additional support to be able to reach your goal of attending. You are not alone, you are embedded in a community interested in helping fulfill their dreams.

Mingtong and The Chi Center are in the midst of a very large financial investment in the purchase of the property and remodeling the buildings. Currently scholarship funds come from Mingtong and reduce the potential income which supports our programs and operations. In the past, our retreat scholarships have been less than $800 per participant.

The Chi Center is at the center of concentric rings of engagement. We too are reaching out and asking for help from those with a deep desire to support the fulfillment of our dreams.


  • Turning to family and friends to ask them to invest in you through a gift, loan or trade (teaching them Qigong, or other).
  • Speaking with your students about the opportunity for you to become a better teacher. Perhaps a sponsor is among those already receiving the benefits of your training. This has happened for other participants.
  • Enthusiastically announcing your dream and need to your wider community.
    •  Using your email lists, conversations, letters to potential benefactors. How Jeraldine got there two years ago: Jeraldine leans into the chi field for financial support for her Certification Retreat
    • Hosting a special fundraising events. Your program could include sharing some inspirational videos from Mingtong, offering a Inner Smile practice or teaching a few movements, and of course asking for help. (Think Tupperware without the plastic). Ask other friends with different circles of friends to host you introducing Wisdom Healing Qigong to others and building your potential class participants at the same time.
    • Crowd Source Funding: Use Facebook and other Social Media with your message. Crowd Source Funding is an exciting way for us to support each other. Zayne Marston is helping to coordinate our efforts to crowd sourcing as a part of his own ‘pay it forward’.  Here is what he prepared to help you with your crowd sourcingCrowd Sourcing Funding for Chi Center Programs.  Here is a link to Zayne’s GoFund Me page: Zayne.  


We are so grateful for the fullness of your participation. You are our program, you are our future. Together we are creating and sustaining a new paradigm of healing through Wisdom Healing Qigong. Together we are bringing health and happiness, vitality and wisdom to people all over the globe. Together we are “Healing Ourselves and Healing Our World.”

Our goal is to both make our programs accessible to those with less financial resources AND to fully fund Chi Center programs so we can continue to support our students and spread the healing chi field globally.

This financial assistance program comes straight from the teachings – connecting and tapping into the capacity of the collective. It's all in the chi field, waiting for our activation. In your reaching out, you will be sharing the benefits with others and bringing them actively into our dynamic chi field of healing.

When you have activated the steps above and still need assistance to attend follow this link to the scholarship application. Scholarship Application Certification Retreat

Fill it out and let us know about your efforts to raise money from your own community.

The first (and perhaps last) round of scholarship applications will be considered and awarded August 15, 2017. Application Deadline is August 10. If funds remain we will accept applications after that date until the pot is dry.

The total amount we have to distribute is limited and may run out. Confirmation or guarantees can not be given before that time. Our intention is to fill the last gap in your fundraising. Scholarships will be in an amount less than $800. We expect you to continue to seek sources beyond the Chi Center, and recycle (return) the gift as opportunity arises.




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