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No prior experience with Qigong or energy practices is needed to participate in this program. And once you complete the beginning level, you’ll have access to the intermediate — and eventually our most advanced trainings — in the topical areas above, at no additional cost.

Complete system of teaching and practice

We’re committed to providing you with the depth and breadth Qigong wisdom and practices you can’t find in any other single program. Join now to discover Qigong methods from Master Gu that traditionally took decades of apprenticeship to learn, which he’s adapted for YOUR modern lifestyle.

Practice Anywhere, At Anytime

 >   With Qigong For Life, you can practice Qigong anywhere you want either in the comfort of your home, at work, while traveling or even outside in the park, any time you want on your desktop or your phone.

>  You can start your course anytime. When you are ready to begin, Qigong for Life will be ready for you.

global community

Join A Global Community

>   Across the world, people are moving towards a more conscious and holistic way of health and life.
   Qigong is an ancient practice that was the grandmother
of martial arts, TCM, acupuncture and new energy medicine.
>   Join millions of people who are using this practice for health and healing worldwide.

You’ll never be alone. Experience the journey with your peers. Be part of a community who are at the same level as you. Spark discussions about topics which are most important to you under constant guidance of a Master and his teaching team.

Perfect Place To Start

>  If you’re curious about the powerful benefits of Qigong, and want to improve your health and change your life, this is the perfect place to start.
>  Even if you have tried before or are continuously practicing, this program will bring greater depth and on-going trainings.

>   Join now to discover Qigong methods from Master Gu that traditionally took decades of apprenticeship to learn, which he’s adapted for YOUR modern lifestyle.

This was just the combination of a spiritual and healing practice course I have always been looking for and Master Gu’s wisdom, sincerity and the happiness he radiate make him an exceptional teacher and soul.
~ Sue, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Chi Center has one of the best online learning environments that I've experienced. It was very easy for me to access the course with any device — laptop, tv, iPad, or iPhone. I had Mingtong with me anywhere I went. I love the practice — the movements and the visualizations in mind. I also recognize that this is a life-long practice. 25 minutes a day is little to ask for health and healing.

~ Elizabeth Maldanado, Cary NC


As Mingtong says Just Do It! Everyday brings new mental or emotional and physical freedom that transforms old stuck patterns into a liberating happy life. Physically I would say there has been 95% improvement in chronic conditions that I have lived with for many years and emotionally I am feeling more at ease with life and it’s journey. I also realize this is just the first step in a life long commitment and I eagerly look forward to following this gentle and life transforming age old wisdom. 

~ Manuel, Sydney, Australia


Do you know that the average Qigong class costs $100 per month? If you’re like most people, and like your results after your first thirty days, chances are you’ll want to continue to build your self-esteem, body strength and mindfulness month after month for the same initial cost of

ONLY $67 per month

As Part of Our Qigong For Life Program, You Will Learn the Following Three Exciting Modules…

Module AV

With The Awaken Vitality, You’ll…

  • Experience on a physical level gentle movements which can help you develop core strength, muscular and spinal flexibility — improving both posture and endurance.
  • Discover on an energetic level how the movements enhance energy flow throughout the spine, brain and entire body — awakening vitality, creativity and alertness.


With Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down, You’ll…

  • Learn to connect with the abundant energy flow of the universe and absorb that energy and wisdom deep within you.
  • Cultivate your awareness as you activate this vital energetic exchange.
  • Create internal and external harmony, balance and renewal.
  • Experience deep connection with life with you and around you.

Module Sound Healing

With Sound Healing, You’ll…

  • Learn the 15 sounds of Five-Organ Integrative Sound Healing and how to connect these sounds with your internal organs to create inner harmony and joy.
  • Understand how vibration affects the body, mind and emotions, and how you can consciously cultivate positive emotional experiences.
  • Begin to repattern your mental and emotional habits, connect with the Haola frequency of “All is Well” and realize your heart’s desires!

A Special Message for You from Master Mingtong Gu:

Dear Friends,

Many of my students say my own story has served as inspiration during the most challenging moments on their healing journeys, so I want to share a tiny piece of it with you...

When I was a young child in China, I suffered from asthma, scoliosis, back pain and kidney weakness. My family sought eastern and western medical solutions to my severely limiting conditions without success. Eventually, I settled into believing my poor health would be a lifelong hardship. As a result, I found refuge pursuing the mental field of advanced mathematics. I ignored the discomfort in my body to favor my mind.

As my intellectual interests expanded, I became drawn to the metaphysical iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Western mystic traditions — which led me to the philosophies and practices of yoga, energy studies and Qigong. I like to say, “Qigong found me, and I discovered Qigong.”

More synchronicities and connections led me to live and study with Dr. Grandmaster Ming Pang. Because of the Wisdom Healing Qigong practices he passed down to me, I’m now able to live pain- and asthma-free and am enjoying a phenomenally creative and active life as a teacher and founder of The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong™. It’s having discovered the secret for transcending my health challenges that fuels my passion for teaching and healing in the world today.

I believe it’s the steady practice of Qigong over time that transforms and strengthens your self-healing energy system. To support you in achieving these results, my amazing team and I have created an easy-access, ongoing, and ever-deepening program that cultivates long-term wellbeing and health.

It’s now my honor to share Dr. Pang's vision of Wisdom Healing Qigong as a human cultural treasure with you through Qigong for Life.

I deeply believe you’re capable of being much more active in your own healthcare if you have the Qigong tools and dedicated practice. It transforms the body, heart, mind and energy to help you realize your deepest intentions of radiant health, true happiness, joy and profound peace.

May this new program ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of your life energy in your heart. I think you’ll discover, when your heart opens, the world around you changes.

Master Mingtong Gu


Easy Enrollment: Sign up once, pay the monthly fee, and you’re enrolled for as long as you wish. Choose your first course and begin immediately. Or choose your next course if you are continuing your training. 

One Monthly Payment: No matter which course you take in the Qigong for Life program, your monthly payment will be $67.

Risk Free! If your life changes, your Qigong for Life subscription can change with you. There is no contract or long-term financial commitment, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you choose to cancel within the first two weeks of your initial registration, you will receive a full refund of your first month’s payment.

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