qigong for life

Learn the Ancient Method that has Changedthe Lives of More Than 100 Million People Around the World



You have the power...
Qigong can show you how to find it

There is Something Which Exists in Each and Every One of Us
An Unlimited Potential of Energy... Available All the Time

If you’re like many of us, you may often feel lethargic, uninspired or overwhelmed, experience bouts of anxiety or depression or face chronic health challenges — yet are frustrated by relying on doctors who throw pills at your symptoms and neglect the underlying causes.

The good news is Qigong offers another path....

If you’ve been on a healing journey, then you likely know about the growing excitement and research around energy medicine, holistic treatments and methods of addressing stress and disease and boosting our immune systems which were previously ignored by western doctors.

However, what you may not realize is that many of the world’s greatest healing practices come to us from thousands of years of experimentation by ancient and modern Qigong masters in China. They blazed the new frontier for medicine and wellness, which includes functional medicine, energy psychology, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness, sound healing, emotional Freedom Techniques (“tapping”) and so much more.

The masters’ ability to focus energy and help expedite healing is extraordinary, while still being practical. These “scientists of the subtle body” have discovered powerful ways of connecting with external energy fields and mastering internal energy systems — and in the process, developed techniques that deliver profound results. They have demonstrated that in many instances the real causes of so many conditions can be blockages in the flow of your Chi, which can be released with the right guidance.

Now, through the efforts of Master Mingtong Gu and the Chi Center, these elevating practices are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year, right at your finger tips.  QIGONG FOR LIFE is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and convenient system of WISDOM HEALING QIGONG available anywhere. 

What ever your current mental or physical state, QIGONG FOR LIFE is right for you.


Do you know that the average Qigong class costs $100 per month? If you’re like most people, and like your results after your first thirty days, chances are you’ll want to continue to build your self-esteem, body strength and mindfulness month after month for the same initial cost of

ONLY $67 per month

Realize Your Full Potential

Enter a new phase of empowerment, healing, integration and ease

Take your own Journey

No prior experience with Qigong or energy practices is needed to participate in this program. And once you complete the beginning level, you’ll have access to the intermediate — and eventually our most advanced trainings — in the topical areas above, at no additional cost.

Complete system of teaching and practice

We’re committed to providing you with the depth and breadth Qigong wisdom and practices you can’t find in any other single program. Join now to discover Qigong methods from Master Gu that traditionally took decades of apprenticeship to learn, which he’s adapted for YOUR modern lifestyle.

Practice Anywhere, At Anytime

 >   With Qigong For Life, you can practice Qigong anywhere you want either in the comfort of your home, at work, while traveling or even outside in the park, any time you want on your desktop or your phone.

>  You can start your course anytime. When you are ready to begin, Qigong for Life will be ready for you.

global community

Join A Global Community

>   Across the world, people are moving towards a more conscious and holistic way of health and life.
   Qigong is an ancient practice that was the grandmother
of martial arts, TCM, acupuncture and new energy medicine.
>   Join millions of people who are using this practice for health and healing worldwide.

You’ll never be alone. Experience the journey with your peers. Be part of a community who are at the same level as you. Spark discussions about topics which are most important to you under constant guidance of a Master and his teaching team.

Perfect Place To Start

>  If you’re curious about the powerful benefits of Qigong, and want to improve your health and change your life, this is the perfect place to start.
>  Even if you have tried before or are continuously practicing, this program will bring greater depth and on-going trainings.

>   Join now to discover Qigong methods from Master Gu that traditionally took decades of apprenticeship to learn, which he’s adapted for YOUR modern lifestyle.

This was just the combination of a spiritual and healing practice course I have always been looking for and Master Gu’s wisdom, sincerity and the happiness he radiate make him an exceptional teacher and soul.
~ Sue, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The Chi Center has one of the best online learning environments that I've experienced. It was very easy for me to access the course with any device — laptop, tv, iPad, or iPhone. I had Mingtong with me anywhere I went. I love the practice — the movements and the visualizations in mind. I also recognize that this is a life-long practice. 25 minutes a day is little to ask for health and healing.

~ Elizabeth Maldanado, Cary NC


As Mingtong says Just Do It! Everyday brings new mental or emotional and physical freedom that transforms old stuck patterns into a liberating happy life. Physically I would say there has been 95% improvement in chronic conditions that I have lived with for many years and emotionally I am feeling more at ease with life and it’s journey. I also realize this is just the first step in a life long commitment and I eagerly look forward to following this gentle and life transforming age old wisdom. 

~ Manuel, Sydney, Australia




  Initiates the relaxation response and decreases heart rate and blood pressure

  Alters the neurochemistry profile moderating pain, depression, and addictive cravings

  Enhances the efficiency of the immune system through increased flow of the lymphatic fluid

  Improves resistance to disease and infection and increases the efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration

  Coordinates right/left brain hemisphere dominance promoting deep sleep, reduced anxiety, and mental clarity

  Induces alpha and theta brain waves which reduce heart rate and blood pressure, facilitating relaxation and mental focus

  Moderates the function of the glands, as well as the fluid of the brain and spinal cord, which mediates pain & mood, potentiating immune function



As Part of Our Qigong For Life Program, You Will Learn the Following Three Exciting Modules…

Module AV

With The Awaken Vitality, You’ll…

  • Experience on a physical level gentle movements which can help you develop core strength, muscular and spinal flexibility — improving both posture and endurance.
  • Discover on an energetic level how the movements enhance energy flow throughout the spine, brain and entire body — awakening vitality, creativity and alertness.


With Lift Chi Up & Pour Chi Down, You’ll…

  • Learn to connect with the abundant energy flow of the universe and absorb that energy and wisdom deep within you.
  • Cultivate your awareness as you activate this vital energetic exchange.
  • Create internal and external harmony, balance and renewal.
  • Experience deep connection with life with you and around you.

Module Sound Healing

With Sound Healing, You’ll…

  • Learn the 15 sounds of Five-Organ Integrative Sound Healing and how to connect these sounds with your internal organs to create inner harmony and joy.
  • Understand how vibration affects the body, mind and emotions, and how you can consciously cultivate positive emotional experiences.
  • Begin to repattern your mental and emotional habits, connect with the Haola frequency of “All is Well” and realize your heart’s desires!

Ancient Wisdom at its Best for only $67 per month

Master Mingtong Gu's Journey and Vision

Wisdom Healing Qigong™ was originally developed by Dr. Grandmaster Ming Pang who established the highly respected Zhineng Qigong Center in 1982 in China. The center is the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in the world. Dr. Grandmaster Ming Pang, a skilled western physician, a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, and a life-long Qigong practitioner taught his patients Qigong and witnessed them require less and less medication over time. His aim became to create a modern pragmatic form of Qigong that would be safe and easy to learn. The center has successfully treated more than 300,000 patients with 180 different illnesses achieving an overall effective rate of 95 percent using Qigong.

Mingtong Gu’s personal recovery from asthma, scoliosis, back pain, and weakness fuels his passion for teaching and facilitating healing for the world. When he was a frail child his family sought eastern and western medical solutions to his severely limiting conditions without success. He settled into believing his poor health would be a lifelong hardship. As a result, Mingtong found refuge pursing the mental field of advanced mathematics. He ignored the discomfort in his body to favor his mind. As his intellectual interests expanded he became interested in fine art and became drawn to the metaphysical iconography of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Western mystic traditions, which eventually led him to the philosophies and practices of yoga, energy studies, and Qigong. As Mingtong says, “Qigong found him and he discovered Qigong”.

More synchronicities and connections led Mingtong back to China to live and study with Dr. Grandmaster Ming Pang. Now Mingtong lives pain and asthma-free and is enjoying a phenomenally creative and productive life as a world renown master teacher, father, husband, and founder of The Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong™located in Santa Fe, NM.

"We are capable of being much more active in our own healthcare if we have the Qigong tools and dedicated practice. Qigong transforms the body, heart, mind and energy to realize deep intentions of radiant health, true happiness, joy and profound peace."

Master Mingtong Gu has created intensive retreat programs for advanced stage illnesses and conditions. Many have reported total recovery or great improvement from chronic or "incurable" diseases like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer. For the first time in history, Mingtong is able to bring the ancient and time tested wisdom, through the new technology of internet media, to you and your home (and office) - For centuries these hidden, esoteric practices were not shared with outsiders. Now you can access the teaching, practice and same benefit any time and any place.

Even those not facing a disease diagnosis undoubtedly experience modern-day environmental stresses, computers, and genetically altered foods that diminish their energy levels. Qigong is also extremely effective for releasing the strain of contemporary lifestyles. It opens the doors to emotional and psychological health, optimal performance, long-term vigor, slowed aging, and joyful happiness.

It’s the steady practice of Qigong over time that transforms and strengthens your self-healing energy system. To support you in that result Master Mingtong Gu has created an easy-access, ongoing, and ever-deepening program that cultivates long-term well-being and health – Qigong for Life.

"Open your heart, ignite the flame in your being and awaken the natural flow of life energy in your heart. When your heart opens, the world around you changes.”


Easy Enrollment: Sign up once, pay the monthly fee, and you’re enrolled for as long as you wish. Choose your first course and begin immediately. Or choose your next course if you are continuing your training. 

One Monthly Payment: No matter which course you take in the Qigong for Life program, your monthly payment will be $67.

Risk Free! If your life changes, your Qigong for Life subscription can change with you. There is no contract or long-term financial commitment, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you choose to cancel within the first two weeks of your initial registration, you will receive a full refund of your first month’s payment.

When Was the Last Time You Treated Yourself to Something Special that Had a Lasting Effect?



More Praise from Online Participants
  • T1- Maybe you have had an inkling that qigong might just be your saving grace.

    Maybe you have had an inkling that qigong might just be your saving grace. Maybe you bought a qigong video or two or three and they inspired you for awhile. If you are like me you might need more to help sustain your practice. As a former college professor, I am a bit picky about my instructors. Mingtong Gu is not only a Qigong master, he is a masterful educator. There is so much here in this course that I will be sustained for a lifetime! I am so grateful to have found him. This course has been my saving grace after more than a decade with chronic mystery illness and all the confusion and alienation that comes with that. This course and Mingtong's loving presentation of this valuable information has brought joy back into my life. I am resilient in ways I did not think possible....and yes, in case you are curious, the course has helped in resolving those physical symptoms too. The very best thing is that it empowered me with all I need to heal, freeing me from all those confusing and contradictory (though mostly well intentioned) doctors!

    ~ Gay Kempton, Waldo, ME

  • T2- I found this course to be such a joyful and deeply peaceful experience.

    I found this course to be such a joyful and deeply peaceful experience. My body is happy with me now and Master Mingtong Gu shares "Haola" and presence that reaches through cyberspace right into my heart. It was truly the best online experience I have ever had.

    Reverend Pomaika’i
    , Holualoa, Hawaii 

  • T3- The sound healing exercises have become an important start to my day.

    The sound healing exercises have become an important start to my day. I love the experience of contacting my organs and body in the morning this way. It’s almost like my safety checks a pilot makes prior to a flight. I feel more aware of the connection between my body and my brain. I enjoy this modality tremendously. It feels good. There is so much wisdom. I listen to replays and gain more and more understanding of information that is provided. Mingtong has a captivating way of teaching.

    ~ Yvonne Praschma
    , Newfield, New York


  • T4- Before taking the course: for the period of 1.5 years I’ve been having shoulder pains so bad

    Before taking the course: for the period of 1.5 years I’ve been having shoulder pains so bad that I was ready to go for the surgery. I’m absolutely pain FREE now! I tried to do meditation several time before and never succeeded; in this course I finally learned how to do this and it helps me daily. I feel better, my outlook to the existence improved so much more than I could imagine. I just went through a divorce when all my life fell into pieces, and I don’t know where I would be now if not for YOUR help. You really save me in the most difficult situation, you helped to want to live again. Thank you!

    ~ Anonymous

  • T5 - I am not exaggerating when I say that since then [practicing Qigong], I feel I’ve gotten my life back.

    I am not exaggerating when I say that since then [practicing Qigong], I feel I’ve gotten my life back. The difference is that it’s a more joy-filled and awake life than ever. One of Mingtong’s many gifts as a teacher is his ability to help students know and trust that chi can heal anything. Now, I also know that the chi can heal anything. I went to Qigong to heal from chronic illness. Now, grateful and much to my surprise, I am offering it to others who are ill. I also now teach Qigong to meditation students because it is such a powerful support for inner opening and clarity."

    ~ Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Meditation Teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center

  • T6 - Mingtong is amazing and his way of communicating the methods as well as transmitting the energy really came through even

    Mingtong is amazing and his way of communicating the methods as well as transmitting the energy really came through even though it was online. I never felt that being online was a disadvantage, I felt like he was in my lounge room or I was there!!... The teaching sessions and videos have been so inspirational and informative. I look forward to the continuation of this amazing journey!

    ~ Dyanne Dray, Australia

  • T7 - Master Mingtong Gu's inspirational approach has allowed me to remember

    Master Mingtong Gu's inspirational approach has allowed me to remember to "make my best effort" in all aspects of daily life. If I miss a daily practice I feel the loss and may review in my mind as I'm moving through my day. I can say without hesitation that I have been energized by the connection to the Chi Center through my internet courses ... I have found that my focus, intention and dedication has really increased with the Chi Center practice. Master Mingtong is a wonderful teacher and can really reach and inspire his students. Thank you so much for your " best efforts"... they have impacted me profoundly!

    ~ Gayle Pantaleo, Kent, CT

  • T8 - Thank you so very much for this transmission of learning and energy healing. My blood pressure

    Thank you so very much for this transmission of learning and energy healing. My blood pressure dropped enough to go off medication during these months.I appreciate Mingtong's candidness and light hearted while emphasizing practice, practice, practice. Haola!”

    ~ Brenna Wilcox

Freqently Asked Questions
  • 1. What if I want to take a single course?

    You can do that! In our subscription series, it is possible to take one course or several in sequence. If you want to take just a single course, sign up for the subscription series and cancel your subscription after the completion of that course.

      Need more help?

      Please contact our Online Manager

    • 2. What if I want to take more than one course at a time?

      With all the rich course materials available, many students find that taking one course at a time is plenty. We do occasionally have a student who prefers to take more than one course simultaneously. If this applies to you, please contact us for assistance.   


        Need more help?

        Please contact our Online Manager

      • 3. What if I want to pause between courses?

        It is fine if you want to take a break between courses. You can do this by cancelling your subscription and reinstating it by re-registering when you are ready to continue with your next course.

        Need more help?

        Please contact our Online Manager

      • 4. With this new system, how long do I get to keep my courses?

        Your course materials are available to you for 4 months from the day you register, and you can complete your course within this time frame. If you prefer, you can spend additional time with your course materials, and your credit card will continue to be charged the monthly subscription fee for as long as you choose to remain in your course. All downloadable audio files and one practice video per course are yours to keep indefinitely.

          Need more help?

          Please contact our Online Manager

        • 5. How will the system know which courses I'm eligible for?

          We have programmed our system to automatically read your transcript. Our computers will know which courses you have completed and which courses are next in line for your continuously progressing study.

            Need more help?

            Please contact our Online Manager

          • 6. Does the Qigong for Life program include the Professional Training Courses?

            At this time, the Professional Training Courses are separate from the Qigong for Life program. However, all Professional trainees are required to take the Qigong for Life series as part of their Professional requirements, so all Professional trainees will be enrolled in both a Professional course and a Qigong for Life course.

              Need more help?

              Please contact our Online Manager

            • 7. Can I cancel my subscription?

              Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel, you will continue to have access to your course until the end of the month that you have paid for; after that, all future payments will be canceled and your course access will end. For questions regarding cancelation, contact us.

                Need more help?

                Please contact our Online Manager

              • 8. Will my credit card be charged automatically?

                Yes, once you enroll in the Qigong for Life Program, your credit card will be charged automatically each month until you either finish the program, or discontinue your subscription. For students who signed up before January 17, 2017, the 1st credit card charge was January 17, 2017. For those students registering after January 17, 2017, the 1st charge as a monthly payment is the day of registration.

                  Need more help?

                  Please contact our Online Manager

                • 9. What if my credit card expires and I don't realize it? Will I still have access to my courses?

                  If you credit card expires during your course and your monthly payment is declined, you will receive a notification and your course will be put on hold until your credit card information is updated. It's easy and quick to do. We will send you a link to update your account. Once The Chi Center receives your updated payment information, your course access will be reinstated.

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