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Welcome to the Professional Training Program (PTP)

Deepen your healing capacities… Share your gifts with others

Accelerate your growth and healing while learning to share your gifts and passion for healing with others. Our Professional Training Program (PTP) offers a deep opportunity for service – through learning, and learning to share the theory and practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ).

Effective as a stand-alone healing technology, WHQ also complements and enriches other healing modalities. Whether you're an aspiring Qigong instructor, energy healer, acupuncturist, massage therapist, psychotherapist or medical specialist our Professional Training Program delivers the knowledge and skills to effectively convey the art and technology of full spectrum energy healing.

The program is also beneficial to individuals who want to heal from challenging diseases, acute stress or those wanting a proven preventative, health-enhancing tool. You can empower yourself to reconnect the mind, body and heart for ultimate health and well being. The PTP presents more than just a series of new mind-body practices - it is designed to initiate a full shift into a new healing paradigm.

There are two training pathways you can choose: Teacher Training (TT) and Qigong Therapy Practitioner (QTP). Many students opt for both. While the emphasis varies (teaching v. healing) for each program, both tracks integrate the heart of Wisdom Healing Qigong – providing essential practices and tools for energetic healing and introducing the catalysts for holistic self-transformation.

Healing of Self is an essential foundation for the healing of others. First we discover how to internally generate a Qigong state and then we invite this embodied presence into our daily lives, as we prepare to respectfully and joyfully share it with others.

All aspiring professionals enter the program through the same wisdom gates. Whether you intend to teach classes, cultivate your natural healing abilities and/or augment your private practice with the benefits of Qigong, the PTP curriculum is designed to amplify your innate healing capacities. This is true whether you are experienced in working with healing energy or are exploring your gifts for the very first time. 

The principles and philosophy of WHQ, and its experiential methods to facilitate true healing, are transmitted through the foundational courses offered through our TT & QTP Certification programs.

"This year’s QTP retreat attracted a group of deeply caring activists who are inspired to introduce qigong to their healing practices. At a time when so many individuals in need of support are being left behind by the current expressions of allopathic care, working with energy opens up a whole new horizon. The growth of self-trust was palpable amidst the sharing of our collective wisdom, as Mingtong guided us through daily sessions working with the chi field and accessing universal energy to heal ourselves and others..." Sharon McCarthy, TCC QTP Coordinator

Wisdom Retreat For Professionals (Commuter for local and non-local participants)

All retreats are credited towards CEU for L.A.c and MFT&LCSW

Sept. 2-10, 2014 (See Below for Details) EarthRise Center at IONS,Petaluma, CA
4th Ions TT&Healers 2011

Registration coming soon.

Read more about the Professional Training Program

Professional Retreat Curriculum Highlights:

Session 1: Sept. 2 - 6  Teacher Training Level 1 Certification


  • Learn to teach the most essential and foundational WHQ practices for certification specific for Level 1 
  • Demonstrations of teaching Preliminary practices.
  • How to teach in a chi field
  • How to lead group healing
  • How to answer student's questions
  • How to work with student's chi reaction
  • How to accelerate your own healing and growth by teaching Qigong
  • There are will be many small group learning sessions for practice and teaching, as well as energetic support

If you have previously attended a TT retreat and are ready to be certified in Level I, come and demonstrate your confidence in teaching the Practices; or come if you want to benefit from this dedicated chi field that will help you deepen your capacity for teaching.

Attend session 1: if you have not previously attended a TT retreat • If you are ready to be certified in Level I. • If you want to deepen and expand your skills for teaching the WHQ practices.

Session 2: Sept. 6-10,  WHQ Professional Training Retreat

Highlights: sound healing for emotional transformation

  • 3 stages of sound healing;
  • Transforming negative emotions of fear, anger, worry, depression and unhappiness;
  • Release negative programs from metal. emotional and physical energy bodies;
  • Advanced and intensive practice of sound healing for the following purpose:
    • empowered to teach Sound Healing;
    • apply sound healing to therapitic sessions;
    • prepare for advanced practice of DPP (Open the Gate of Life)
  • How to work with the chi field in your own modality and community;
  • How to work with both information and energy to produce the best result for yourself and others;
  • How to expand your skills and deepen your capacity to serve others, and fulfill your potential;
  • How to apply the Qigong energetic skills to your own modality or passion;
  • There will be extensive practice sessions in small groups to apply the teaching and skills, in order to realize their true benefits.

Attend Session 2: if you are interested in our Qigong Therapy Training Program (see certification requirements here),  or If you wish to deepen your skills in energetic healing. This will be the most intensive training for health and healing professionals available in Wisdom Healing Qigong. There will be cerification for "Sound Healing" upon completion of requirements.

if you are in the process of being certified to be Level 2 Instructor or previously certified in Level 2, and want to be empowered to teach Sounbd Healing as WHQ certified instructor, you must take this retreat and it will be offered once every 3-4 years.

***Pre-requisites for Qigong Professional Training: 5 days of a WHQ Retreat, DPP or Apply for permission at

If you have any questions about the curriculum or requirements please contact Denise 

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