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Presented by The Chi Center and Age Nation.

Wisdom Healing Qigong and Conscious Aging

March 25th @ 10am MT
Reclaiming Your Vitality, Resilience, and Personal Power in Uncertain Times

April 22nd @ 10am MT
Reconnecting to Your Joy, Passion, and Purpose to Create a Legacy You Love

July 8th @ 10am MT
Living with More Grace and Fulfillment through Conscious Aging and Conscious Dying

Why Qigong?

  • Qigong, a 5,000-year-old branch of Chinese Medicine, offers a way to rediscover our “inner medicine” - Chi, the vital and healing resource within us.
  • Studies reported by the National Institutes of Health indicate Qigong offers a wide range of health benefits, including management of chronic disease.
  • Easy and fun (and doesn’t require a yoga mat!).
  • Integrates mind, body, and spirit; facilitates self-empowerment and centeredness; engenders feelings of peace, harmony, and balance.


Registration now for all 3 Webinars.

WEBINAR #1: March 25, 2017 from 10 to 11 a.m. MDT


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