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Wisdom Healing Foundation (WHF)

Founded in 2006, the Wisdom Healing Foundation supports the education and practice of Qigong through scholarships, education outreach, research and related community programs. The WHF sponsors projects that fulfill our mission to foster better awareness and experience of Qigong to heal ourselves, our community, our world.

Our Projects

The Dome Project
Beginning in January 2011, Wisdom Healing Foundation and EarthRise at IONS are launching an important partnership to raise funds to design and build The Dome Project at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). As Qigong events and other IONS programs are reaching a growing audience, the need for a community meeting space is clear. The geometrical shape of the Dome at the tranquil ION campus setting deepens the meditative, consciousness and healing programs held here. The Dome Project will be a beautiful addition to the 200 acre IONS campus, with its grand vistas, hiking trails and retreat lodging. The Embody Your Healing Now Weekend Benefit, January 28-30th , including a Winter Spiral and Retreat Workshop is the start to a promising line-up of benefit events and activities ahead.


Wisdom Healing Foundation offers scholarships to individuals in financial need, so that Qigong wellness and healing can begin for all, regardless of financial ability. The Scholarship Fund is only made possible through the gifts and bequests of many generous individuals. These scholarships are ready for those in need, because we understand that illness, stress, injury, economic times can cause financial hardship. Scholarships are available to offset the cost of the Qigong retreats and are also available for the Teacher Training Curriculum, all based on financial need.

The Scholarship Fund has several components:

  • GuanXin (caring heart) For low-income individuals
  • JueXin (dedicated heart)For individuals with life-threatening illnesses and financial considerations
  • ReXin (warm heart) For individuals of color with financial considerations that prevents attendance at retreats
  • HenXin (committed heart) For students in teacher training program or teachers attending a retreat to enable them to strengthen their practice to benefit their teaching
  • TongXin (innocent heart) For children attending children's programs from a family with financial considerations.

For information about applying for scholarship, please see the Scholarship information page.

Community Outreach & Awareness
Wisdom Healing Foundation reaches out to the community through a variety of programs, focused on helping Qigong be more accessible to people in need:

  • Facilitate research projects to deepen the understanding of Qigong and its relationship to human potential
  • Offer free presentations and community service for people and places in great need

"Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression. We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous. We experience joy in the actual act of giving something. And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given."

—The Buddha

Giving Back: Opportunity to Support the
                      Wisdom Healing Foundation

The Wisdom Healing Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization supported entirely through your generous giving.All donations welcome and are tax deductible (Fed ID # 20-5354915). Please contact us anytime to discuss your giving ideas:

Donate to the Scholarship Fund   We are grateful you have found the benefits
of Qigong. If you are interested in helping others experience its benefits, you are
welcome to donate to the Scholarship Fund.

Donate to The Dome Project    We invite your financial donations to fund the
Dome Project. In-kind contributions are also welcome, as our community has many talented

leaders and professionals who could bring their talents on many steps of this project.

Donate to General Fund    Supports projects and programs of the WHF, including research and community outreach.

To learn more about the Foundations projects, to apply for a scholarship or make a donation,
please us for more information.

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