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FREE 3-PART WEBINAR SERIESJOIN world-renowned Qigong Master Mingtong Gu, George and Sedena Cappannelli, and other leading conscious aging experts to discover the secrets to living YOUR full potential in the second half of life.  Sign up for FREE to discover how you can become empowered to take your health and quality of living into your hands... and feel ageless at any age! 

Qigong as Mindfulness Practice: you’ll discover the powerful & complementary benefits of these modalities from two world-renowned experts. Mingtong Gu — a master teacher in the Wisdom Qigong tradition, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center mindfulness teacher and therapist Debra Chamberlin-Taylor.


Healing Intensive Retreats with Master Mingtong Gu: The place, time and wisdom to transform your health and life. It is one-of-its-kind healing retreat for your mind, heart, and body.

Save the Date: Next Retreat  June 30- July 28, 2017, Santa Fe

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Mingtong's story

Mingtong's Journey and Vision
Mingtong Gu’s personal recovery from asthma, scoliosis, back pain, and weakness fuels his passion for teaching and facilitating healing for the world...

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Master Mingtong Gu received his training at the largest Qigong hospital in China. Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Congress for Qigong and TCM, he is the founder of the Chi Center, based at the Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong,” Dr. Oz said to Oprah.

Connect with a healing and loving community and share your inspiration.

The Center and Vision

The Chi Center has a new home! Formerly the Vista Clara Ranch Spa Resort in New Mexico, this incredible property is now The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong. This beautiful 79 acre resort is located 20 minutes south of Santa Fe in Galisteo, NM. With breathtaking views of New Mexico’s landscape, the dazzling sunsets over the western mountains, and vast darkness of the enormous night sky, healing emerges as mind and spirit connect. Workshops are held in the beautiful circular building which replicates traditional ceremonial kivas, set into the earth.

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Testimonial by Dr. Brian Incremona, M.D., F.H.M.

"Master Mingtong Gu is a humble and genuine but enlightened teacher who is the bearer of a gift from the East to us in the West. He is a conduit between the primal, creative energy and personal rebirth with inner healing. He brings us the tools necessary to harvest, internalize and cultivate the energy that is all around us waiting to be claimed; the Huan Yuan Qi, which in my view is the "Stem Cell" of Energy Medicine. I am trained in traditional Western medicine, a board-certified Internist and Hospitalist. I went to the Colorado Springs retreat with an interest in Qigong and hopeful for a method of meditation that could help alleviate stress. I left with inner peace as well a sense of joy and renewed purpose in my life. I am eternally grateful."

Brian Incremona, M.D., F.H.M. Director of East-West Medical Care of New Jersey

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